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  • Peter Payne at Comic Con

    July 27th, 2009, by zalas in Conventions, Translation

    A forum member from the JAST USA forums managed to track down owner Peter Payne for some questions regarding content changes in their games. The post also indicates that at some point in the past, JAST USA had considered licensing Kingdom from GIGA (which was evident in an explanation that accompanied the fan translation) and various Black Cyc titles, and talks about the reason why both ideas fell through. It also validates rumors that the fighting game fandisk, NITRO+ROYALE, is in JAST USA’s planned lineup.

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  • Kingdom of my Castle

    July 6th, 2006, by Message in Release, Translation, VisualNews

    About a week ago, BTAxis released the full translation of Koisuru Oukoku, literally translated ‘Beloved Kingdom’ and referred to by BTAxis as Kingdom. It is an adult stats-based dating sim set in a fantasy world, released by GIGA early in 2001. It features a host of characters, interactive gameplay and voices for all main characters save the player. There is no official website for either the game or its translation, the patch can be downloaded from our http mirror.

    BTAxis is known from his full translation of Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal, an adult fantasy game with RPG elements by Studio e.go!. We have now uploaded that translation patch as well.

    Many thanks to Arthur-san for this item.

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