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Amaterasu deal falls apart, two patches released

September 6th, 2011, by zalas
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Amaterasu has announced the release of an English translation patch for âge’s MuvLuv Alternative as well as Liar-soft’s Shikkoku no Sharnoth, stating that they are giving up on the licensing deal with MangaGamer and citing, amongst other things, disappointment with âge deciding to offer MangaGamer Kimi ga Nozomu Eien instead. They will now proceed to translate AKABEiSOFT2’s remade version of A Profile and Liar-soft’s Forest after that. A representative of Katahane’s fan translation team also chimed in to say that disappointment in their dealings with MangaGamer also led them to releasing their patch. In response, MangaGamer has sent us a bilingual official statement regarding the matter, which is reproduced in the last section of this article. In short, they express disappointment in the turn of events and outline possible fallout from Amaterasu’s decision.

Amaterasu started working on MuvLuv and MuvLuv Alternative in early 2010 and released a full translation patch for MuvLuv at the end of July. Meanwhile, MangaGamer brought âge to Anime Expo 2010 to let them have a glimpse at the Western fandom in an attempt to persuade them to pursue expanding their properties overseas. In fall, Amaterasu started working on MuvLuv Alternative. Eventually, the translation group announced in January of this year that they were pursuing an official release of the MuvLuv series. After a leaked MuvLuv Alternative patch in late March, the group decided to “‘go silent’ for a short while” until the most recent announcement. They stated that going silent let them “avoid drama” as well as helped keep the Liar-soft negotiations a secret.

According to the group’s statement, they found out roughly a month after they instituted the silence policy that MangaGamer was unable to secure rights for the MuvLuv series and was offered Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Negotiations for the latter were said to be in progress during MangaGamer’s Anime Expo 2011 panel.

As part of Amaterasu’s announcement, they have stated their new policy towards working for official translations, stating they are more than happy to work on official translations of games they like for free as long as they can be shown “concrete evidence” that “a deal has actually been made [with the Japanese company].” They also state that they do intend to back out of deals if their finished translation isn’t released in a timely manner.

In light of this news, we asked MangaGamer for their thoughts on the matter as well as how this would affect their future game releases. In response, they sent us an official statement regarding the matter in English as well as one in Japanese. In their statement, they express disappointment in Amaterasu’s actions and concern about the state of current and title negotiations. They also hinted at current market issues in Japan as a possible cause for delay. Both statements are reproduced below:

We at MangaGamer are extremely disappointed by this turn of events given how we have been trying our best to extend a hand to fan translators to help bring great games to western audiences. We are doubly disappointed as what we discussed with Amaterasu in regards to the negotiation progress was said in confidence as a sign of trust.

To get facts straight, though:
1) For the time being there are major hurdles in negotiations for titles in the MuvLuv franchise, and this turn of events will definitely cause the companies involved in the Kima ga Nozomu Eien production committee to take a very serious look at whether they wish to continue negotiations that have been months in the making for a western release.

2) We had also approached Liarsoft in good faith, hoping to demonstrate that there was a viable fan base for their games in the west, and that said fans were willing to work with them instead of against them. With the market situation in Japan, they have been hesitant about making a decision. Since negotiations here are at a much earlier stage than Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, we are unable to assess how Amaterasu’s actions will affect their decision and their opinion of the western market.

Since not all the fan-translators we have worked with have taken such rash action, we continue to hold hope that we can still work with them in future. However, we do wish both fans and fan-translators would show more patience and more commitment to seeing games officially released than has been shown here today. Most VN companies in Japan are devoting 100% of their resources to surviving in a market where domestic sales have plummeted by 30%, and the western market is only showing slow growth.

We are committed to developing the market for Visual Novels in the west, even though it means diverting resources away from operations in Japan. Regardless of what happens, we will continue our efforts to negotiate with companies that fans have a strong interest in. We intend to see all negotiations through to the end, so long as the Japanese companies see there is an opportunity for licensing their games and are willing to continue talks.






EDIT: Amaterasu leader Ixrec clarifies over Twitter that they were more upset with the dearth of information concerning the agreement as well as receiving “blatantly false” information.


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  1. Pirkaf Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Many fans have already played Muv-Luv games anyway. KimiNozo is probably more attractive title for Mangagamer.

  2. Shii Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    “With the market situation in Japan, they have been hesitant about making a decision.”

    Wow, they must be drowning in cash in Japan if they are “hesitant” about profiting from a foreign license!

    These companies need to get their heads out of their asses ASAP.

  3. Miitan Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    The sad thing is, the only people who lose in the long run are the Japanese companies as if they don’t licence, fans will translate the games and release the translations for free and while some will purchase the game, many will not. On the other hand, if they do divert funds into a foreign language translation, they risk going bust. It’s a catch-22.

  4. Aaeru Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 12:48 am

    It would be great if we could get some inside stories about how some of these companies have come to the conclusions they have arrived at. It would do a lot to mellow the hate that has been building up among our fan community ever since the dawn of commercial releases. I honestly think it is more than just “getting heads out of asses”. What are they thinking, what are the hurdles, is it just mangagamer unable to prove the numbers?

    I just want to drag one of these presidents into an IRC channel and cross-examine them!!

  5. Fiohnel Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 12:57 am

    @Shii: According to this article they’re going in the red instead http://www.neechin.net/article/175/the-quagmire-that-is-game-licensing

  6. Shii Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Yes, that was sarcasm. Game manufacturers are acting like they only have a market in one country, and as a result they are creating only a market in one country, with piracy taking over the rest.

  7. random.idiot Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Sorry Amaterasu, but I see a lot a arrogance in your action. You need to understand that MG can’t release _anything_ unless the owner of the IP in Japan give their “go ahead.” And even then, they are bound by the restrictions the Japanese company place on them (if any).

    In this case, I believe that “Kima ga Nozomu Eien” was released before “MuvLuv” in Japan. This lead me to believe that “age” wanted to release their older title first, since if they released their newer title first, it might negatively effect the sale of the older title when it is released later. Plus the anime (“Rumbling Hearts”) have been released in the west, it won’t be wrong of them to believe that the release of “SHUFFLE” anime is what helped the sale of the game (even though it didn’t help that much with “Koihime Musou”).

    Also remember that MG have their own schedule, even if the title is ready to be released right now, it might be slotted for release _after_ the current scheduled title is released. They need to build some hype around the title before they release it, and this is a slow process.

    @Shii, I used to have a similar opinion to yours. But after reading the articles about the sales figures, I had to change my mind. VNs are not selling well in the west, but the Japanese companies have to spend money on engine porting, testing and debugging.

  8. random.idiot Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 3:32 am

    aaaa…. sorry, I clicked submit before editing the 1st line, “I see a lot a arrogance in your action.” should have been removed.

    sorry! about that. Asking companies to approach you instead of you approaching them isn’t arrogant. My bad.

  9. fuji Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 5:04 am

    I don’t understand why MangaGamer is so shocked at this.

    Ixrec originally said to his fans ‘I’ll release it if negotiations take too long’

    1. Release patch
    2.Wait years for something that may not be released while not contributing to the community

    And thankfully we’ll start seeing more releases from Ixrec and his team.

    I’ll also never admit my fuck ups and blame it on someone else.

  10. sacchinftw Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 5:22 am

    I didn’t read that so much as Manga Gamer shocked as it was dissapointment that Amaterasu decided to make that decision. It seemed more like Ixrec was shocked over the March earthquake actually affecting a company located in Japan…

  11. 187 Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 5:33 am

    please play the game of your country if you wish for world peace!

  12. ruth Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Based on the past I think this will definitely shock the committee member from age. The chance of future licensing beside ‘Kima ga Nozomu Eien’ will be extremely slim.

  13. Cicero Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:28 am

    Ixrec’s first fuck up was approaching MangaGamer in the first place. Interesting, though that when he first announced his decision to go “official” he gave the impression that he was directly communicating with age.

    Anyway it seems that he went into this without really understanding how licensing works or how many of these Eroge companies operate and ended up causing needless drama. I was actually doubtful that there were talks actually occurring, believing that this may have been one massive troll on the part of Ixrec.

    What we have here is some inexperienced kid (Ixrec) who has no understanding of how business works, diving into something he knew nothing about. Ixrec may be a good translator, with an excellent understanding of the Japanese language, however, it seems he has very little understanding of how Japanese business culture works with respect to the Eroge companies.

  14. Iris Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 7:46 am

    4 assignments, 2 tests due next week. gg

  15. IceD Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 8:53 am

    @Cicero Still, we can’t put all the blame on him – he just tried to do his best; we all usually try that. The good thing is, he might finally catch a glimpse of the situation, learn from the padt errors and their next move will be more appropriate.

    As for the titles… MuvLuv is really average; KimiNozo will be a better choice for the western market. And if we’re talking about Liarsoft – their novels have a very big potential and could propably bring much more attention, as they are already based on motifs and schemes more closer to your average western reader; not to mention, they’re really high class, stylish works with exceptionally good writing and storylines. I have high hopes for them, although it will all depend on how MG will continue their talks with LS in the end.

    Liarsoft’s visual novels on the western market… No, this sounds too good to become true.

  16. X-Calibar Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Well, I pre-ordered Eien no Aselia when it got licensed in english, even though I already have the game. …Because, I want to see more good games like that released (plus the price is right).

    I’ll do the same for any Amaterasu releases, should they ever officially be released by anybody in english. I want to see more games like these. So I’ll buy to support what I want to see more of translated!

    …Why support? Besides giving something back to the original creators, official releases should give the games *a fighting chance* to spread to gamers beyond our very niche communities.

    …but for now… *loads up Sharnoth* :D

  17. Ste Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Honestly, I really don’t understand this behaviour.

    I am a small publisher and a translator, too. If somebody translates one of my publications and releases it – even for free – WITHOUT my consent, I’d consider it a totally unethical, unprofessional and improper act.

  18. jt Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    @Ste, that’s the whole point. You as publisher care only about your own owns and profits using copyright laws as a cover. Fan translators appreciate art and care about the whole world of readers appreciating art also. See? Nothing in common.

  19. anon Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    As a thought exercise, if you were supportive of your publication being translated and released, but another party that wound up with legal rights to veto the deal- say, Amazon, who handled your distribution in eBook format- did so… would you still consider releasing it without Amazon’s consent unethical, unprofessional and improper, seeing that releasing it in a legal fashion was an impossibility?

    Because that’s pretty much what Amaterasu did.

  20. fuji Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    “>27 minutes ago:
    >Regarding the multitude of articles written regarding our releases the other day, I have a significant correction to make.
    >Although we feel it is ridiculous to take a year or more to get a deal worked out, that is absolutely not why we gave up on the deal.
    >The reason we gave up was because we received very little information from MG during that time period.
    >And even a large portion of what little we did receive turned out to be blatantly false.
    >Whether we’re willing to wait a year or two simply wasn’t an issue after things got to the point where we couldn’t believe a word they said.
    >That is all. Resume the debate.”

  21. Sacchinftw Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    @anon #19
    Your analogy is missing one very important fact, Amaterasu doesn’t have rights to MuvLuv. It’s a false equivalency to compare a translation patch to a finished literary publication.

  22. anon Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I didn’t claim that Amaterasu had any rights. The false equivalency is in assuming age specifically did not consent to a MuvLuv translation. They *couldn’t* consent due to legal complications beyond their control, but presumably they were amenable to their game being readable in English or they wouldn’t have started negotiating in the first place.

    So was this act improper? Yes, if you’re a lawyer. Was it unprofessional? Maybe, but Amaterasu aren’t professionals. Was it unethical? Only if you believe that legal contracts are a higher moral imperative than the creators’ wishes, which we don’t know for sure and which had no bearing on this turn of events.

  23. Sacchinftw Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    The creator, who is a professional corporation, has to abide by the legal contracts they sign so whether or not they initially wanted to have their MuvLuv localized into English doesn’t negate their final decision not to. You’re saying that Amaterasu’s choice to release the patch is somehow done with age’s intention in mind, but clearly age’s refusal to do MuvLuv in the end is undeniable proof that it’s not.

  24. ReMeDy Says:
    September 8th, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Who could have known that a title called “MuvLuv” could create so much hate!

  25. Ymarsakar Says:
    September 11th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Economic depression tends to make companies stock up and refuse to spend their capital on any expansion or risks without guaranteed sufficient income.

    That’s exactly what the Western market is right now, a risk without any guarantees. Especially given that the economic policies of the US will soon develop into deflation/inflation cycle or hyperinflation.

    The issue in the Western market is that most of the people who read Japanese visual novels are doing so for the X rated content, rather than anything else. There is a huge potential in the Western market that is untapped simply because nobody knows just what exactly is in these visual novels and thus aren’t willing to pay good money for them. Like with anime, if all the titles that come imported are the low tier ones, then most Western consumers will color their idea of anime from those. It’s only when this lock is broken that companies like MangaGamer can have more power to explore newer options.

    Right now, MangaGamer’s negotiation position comes from securing a “free fanbase” translation, which essentially lowers the development costs (almost to zero) for the Japanese company and thus the only details remain the licensing cost. The Japanese company want a one time investment, a downpayment, but MangaGamer would be wiser to seek a royalty deal than a one time payment for the license itself. The Japanese companies find royalty payments riskier because if the VN doesn’t sell, they don’t get much of any royalty. The economic also makes them tend to hoard and become risk averse, so they keep the license, and rather than make some money off of it, proceeds to do nothing else with it. Amaterasu’s actions have the effect of making MangaGamer lose face and respect in the eyes of Japanese companies, for it shows that MangaGamer does not have direct control over fan translation groups. This lack of power will destabilize the potential free fan translation offered to the Japanese companies, raising the risks and thus raising the price of the license.

    Amaterasu has also lost influence with MangaGamer by their precipitous action.

    The only benefit from this is that word of mouth will spread the news about ML Alternative’s greatness, thus improving the reputation of future Japanese visual novels and altering the market demographics, but this will not come very soon. And America’s soon to be encountered hyperinflation must be experienced and over, before any such growth will begin.

  26. Aaeru Says:
    September 11th, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    A lot of VN gamers in the West think it looks like this:

    “For goodness sakes it’s free money for the Japanese developers, just take it!”.

    I think it is not free money at all. When you are company composed of a team of 4 full-time employees and every minute is a battle to survive to the next, asking one of your employees to make long and egregious phone calls to the rights holder, to mangagamer, and working out all the kinks to get the thing into the form of a signed contract for a highly suspicious WESTERN release (wut?) is deceivably the Worse idea for any reasonable eroge studio.

  27. ReMeDy Says:
    September 12th, 2011 at 12:37 am

    @ Aaeru Then why dont they hire more employees? I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them if they don’t have a little bit of money to give out, considering I’ve read volunteers who were willing to translate and or proofread MangaGamer’s works for free!

    Fans want anime and erotic gaming to be a success, so they are willing to make some compromises to see that happen. Hell, I put in an email with MG a long time ago when MG was first created in response to their request for proofreaders, but they ignored me, despite a follow-up email.

    I just recently played the full translations of Remember11 and G Senjou no Maou, and I can say that based on their superb quality, that fan translators have a powerful leverage that can help MG in many ways, if they’d be willing to share assistance with them! If so many fans are willing to translate for free, then MG should work out a compromise to at least give fans a little for their efforts, at which point all they need to worry about is the licensing.

  28. random.idiot Says:
    September 12th, 2011 at 12:46 am

    In my biased and self serving opinion, the biggest problem that VNs have in the West is the lack of knowledge of their existence by the fans, or -as pointed above- a misconception on what they are. From my own experience, I was an anime fan for many many years, yet I didn’t know about VNs until some years ago and found out about JAST few years after that!

    I don’t know what the result would be should an anime site take a survey with it visitors and ask them to name two companies that release VNs in the west. But I honestly won’t be surprised if the surveyed name “Atlus” and “NISA” as the two companies.

    Right now, I believe that the best advertisement method is to target jRPG fans with a _free_ (as in free beer) VN. MG or JAST (or both) could license a short VN with the intention of releasing it to the wild for free. This VN will serve to show fans what VNs are. In the past someone tried to release a video that introduced VNs (don’t know where it is now), but no introduction video going to introduce VNs as well as an actual VN! MG and JAST could take this a step further and try to bundle this VN with a jRPG or anime release.

    A final note, I won’t read too much in the future of cooperation between fan translation groups and companies because of what Amaterasu have done. Look at NNL! It won’t surprise me to find MG working with Amaterasu some time from now!

    P.S. Another option is for the Japanese company to bundle the English translation with their console release. But for now, I think everyone will be waiting to see how Aksys’s “Hakuoki” release is going to do, which would be a console (handheld, PSP) release plus it is going to be an Otome title.

    P.S.S. I real find it hard to believe that less then a 1,000 VN fans exist in the West!

  29. Cicero Says:
    September 13th, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Another problem that visual novels have in the west are the two localization companies. MangaGamer dispute having localized some good games appears to be a complete clown college operation. JASTUSA is little more than a side business to Jlist.

  30. ReMeDy Says:
    September 13th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    I wish a fan would just start up their own h-gaming company and or translation business. Nephrinn, from Dark Translations, did translation projects for money and managed to score a few thousand dollars. It’s a questionable practice, and not enough to feed the kids, but hey, people ARE willing to spend decent money on specific translations. People were forking over +$200 to Neph for some translations, depending on game length.

    The problem is these companies keep sending cease and desist letters – even if the translations are free – yet the companies don’t do anything to release the game to the U.S.! If the company has no plans of releasing the game to the U.S. (ever), why send a cease and desist!?! Let the U.S. do there thing to provide publicity to the hentai gaming genre! Hell knows, the hentai genre needs all the U.S. publicity it can get!

  31. random.idiot Says:
    September 13th, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    >30: ReMeDy

    you mean like “minori” vs “NNL”? the company can come about at some point of time and rethink their decision about a western release.

    Either way, I believe that companies are required to protect their IP even if they didn’t mind the translation. You see, they _need_ to maintain an image that they are going the extra mile to protect their IP. Especially if they have shareholders and investors interests to worry about.

    VisualArts/Key knows that there are some translations going around for their titles, but they have opted to turn a blind eye… for now. This doesn’t mean that other companies will want or can afford to do the same thing.

    yes, business is akin to politics!

  32. pondrthis Says:
    September 14th, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Totally unsurprising. Ixrec’s doucheliness was bound to come out eventually in negotiations. And by “negotiations”, of course, I mean Ixrec stroking his own ego while MangaGamer and age watch.

  33. Cicero Says:
    September 14th, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Well this whole thing was bound to fail. You had an utterly incompetent localization company, a translator that thinks his shit doesn’t stink and an Eroge company that probably didn’t want to do a deal in the first place.

    I don’t blame age. It’s their property, if they don’t want to do a deal that’s their business.

    I don’t even blame MangaGamer. They have their heads so far up their asses now that it’s probably too late to right the ship. They’re slowly running themselves into the ground. Plus, it is abundantly clear their is no market for English translated Eroge. The market is working against them. The only reason why JAST is going to stay afloat is because the money is being made with Jlist. MangaGamer on the other hand will probably be gone within two years.

    I’ll repeat what I said in an earlier post. Ixrec went into this without any understanding of how business works, how negotiations work or how the Eroge companies operate.

  34. Bp Says:
    September 15th, 2011 at 8:53 am

    I can’t believe people are bitching about the prospect of getting an English translation for KimiNozo. It’s IMO superior to MuvLuv.

  35. Anon John Says:
    September 15th, 2011 at 5:47 pm


    C&D are just a scare tactic for the overseas Eroge companies sending them. It is very unlikely that any Eroge company would be willing to spend funds to pursue legal actions overseas, it just costs to much for them to do.

  36. ReMeDy Says:
    September 19th, 2011 at 11:46 am

    @ Anon John

    Yea but the people translating them probably don’t have the money to fight a court fee, so it’s a risk I don’t think they can take, especially in this shitty economy. We’re approaching 10% unemployment rate as it is.

  37. Ymarsakar Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    25% is the real numbers, same as back in the Great Depression.

  38. encubed » News Archive » A translation for A Profile Says:
    October 6th, 2011 at 5:26 am

    [...] of A Profile on August 13, although he did not publicly announce that he was working on it until ending the group’s cooperation with MangaGamer at the beginning of September. He finished the [...]

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    同社は、売上高に基づいてウィスコンシン州最大の企業を追跡する投資アナリストの予想を満たすために失敗した途切れ途切れ収益報告の一連の後に投資家との信頼を回復しようとしてきた。, coach キーリング, 送料無料【コーチ COACH】 シルクスカーフ 【フラワー アップリケ プリント ポニー】 F97547 BL/MC ブルーXマルチカラー, ステラマッカートニー (STELLA MCCARTNEY) ZIPPED CLUTCH PHYTON VIP 長財布小銭入れ付RED レッド系【セール】【レディース】, 不動産専門家は、休暇中に市場に彼らの家を維持するために売り手をお勧めします。 上品なシーズンに飾られたときの家は、多くの場合、非常によくバイヤーが頻繁に感謝何かを示しています。 これらすべてのカボチャは、ヒイラギやヤドリギが簡単買い手が宇宙での生活を想像できるようになります雰囲気を作り出すことができます。, ラローロ, バッグ レディース, 本格的に南フロリダのファーマーズマーケットの季節で、自家製パイやクッキー、フルーツジャムとマフィンのミニ爆発を見て準備をしなさい。, http://www.rodrice.org/財布小物-c-94_96.html, 致命的なブラックロックの家の犬を撮影し、主要な違法薬物の工場を作動させると非難BRIDGEPORT市の男性が、金曜日に命じられた30万ドル債券の代わりに開催された。, プラダ PRADA 財布1M0176 三つ折り財布CERVO(鹿革)JUTA(ダークベージュ系)レディース最安値に挑戦!, http://www.xolesfishies.com/エルメス-バーキン-c-12_131.html, ルイヴィトン LOUIS VUITTON ヴィトン LV マフラー エシャルプ·プティ ダミエ ウール100% マロン(ブラウンxグレー) M74659, それはどのように購入者が、彼らがその下にあるものをアップしていない地上からだけ購入していることを知っているだろうことは可能でしょうか? まず第一に、不動産の閉鎖を専門の弁護士を使用していない購入者が地方公共記録に記録および/または、彼らはそれをキャッチしたとしても、その意味を誤解した任意のミネラル行為を見下ろすに対して特に脆弱である。 また、タイトルの検索は常にこの問題についてピックアップしていない。 この全体のシナリオで傷害に侮辱を追加すると、切断された鉱業権は通常、不動産税の評価に織り込まれていないという事実である。 したがって、これらの権利を所有していない不動産の所有者は、プロパティ値が切断された権利の結果として減少しているにもかかわらず、これらの権利を所有しない所有者と同じを支払う羽目になることができます。, アクセサリー, 特価【新品】COACH コーチ F16540 BKHGD ペネロピ シグネチャー キャリオール ハンドバッグ/ショルダーバッグ ブラス/カーキ/ゴールド特価【新品】, 陳:私は私はおそらくダンテに共感だと思います。 私が最初にそれを見たとき、それはとても私の人生を並列。 私は大学に行って、私の人生で何をすべきかを知っていなかったのた。 それは私のガールフレンドのように次の町で撮影された。, ルイヴィトン LOUIS VUITTON ルイ·ヴィトン ネクタイ LV クラヴァット·エク クレーム  M72963, プラダ アウトレット PRADA ショルダーバッグBT0773 斜め掛けショルダーTESSUTO+SAFFIAN(ナイロン×型押しレザー) NERO(ブラック)レディース【定価】, たとえば、HPのProLiant DL380 G6サーバーは、1.5VのDDR3としてDDR3Lmemoryが表示されますが、G7サーバーは、1.5Vまたは1.35Vのメモリのいずれかとして、それを実行するオプションを持つことになります。 DDR3Lは1.35Vで18モジュールをサポートすることができ、HPのProLiant G7サーバーのための理想的となり、8ギガバイトのLVモジュールを使用したメモリの144ギガバイトは、8ギガバイト、標準のDDR3メモリと同じ、1.35V、および800MHzの時にサポートすることができます。 8ギガバイトDDR3Lメモリの価格は、標準的な8ギガバイトのDDR3モジュールとパリティに到達しているようになりました1.35Vでのメモリ消費電力を約15%削減容易な決断を提供しながら、このことは、高いメモリ容量を可能にする。 16ギガバイトDDR3Lメモリモジュールは、メモリ容量を押し上げ、すぐに利用できるようになります。プラスとまだ動作, http://www.rbpainters.com/, マークジェイコブスバッグ, これはVerizonの超高速LTEネットワークに比べて何もありませんが、ドンはこの部門では、iPhoneの羨望を感じ、Tモバイルユーザー:iPhone 4Sのベライゾン版は、LTEが含まれていません。 これは、少なくとも理論的には、そのキャリア独自のHSPAネットワーク上では、iPhoneのバージョンzippiestになります。 言い換えれば、Tモバイルとのそれは、大きく分けてデータダウンロードネクタイ、。

  101. cbimoq212 Says:
    March 24th, 2014 at 3:44 am

    彼が行くための時間が正しいかどうかを尋ね、ハートソンが追加: 私はそれを言うことができない彼は、若い男の子だと彼は彼のアドバイザーと一緒に、彼自身の決定を下しますエイデンマクギーディーがうまく再生されているときに私が知っているすべてである、 ケルトはそれのためのよりよい側面である。, http://www.giladpiano.com/, つまり、134レイオフ、およびいくつかのエバーグレーズ復元などの建設の遅れを含めカット以上億ドルとなった。, 吉田カバン ポーター デバイス PORTER DEVICE 2way トートバッグ 横型(b4サイズ対応) ビジネスバッグ 吉田かばん 645-07540, 「それは、問題を見て、それを修正だ」と彼女の双子の妹とヘアアクセサリー事業を開始ベッティーナ、17は、言った。, http://www.fxgroupevents.com/, DUNK, REEBOK ES22 Emmitt Smith” gravel/t.gry-c.blu V45035″, 彼らは1997年に導入されて以来、一般的には、ファンドのこの異常なタイプはどんな市場環境でまともな数字を生成していません。 その他ベア·マーケット·ファンドは、市場をヘッジするために、現金、金、または空売りを使用して、タイミング戦略を使用しています。 そしてマネージャーが短い販売することを許可されている通常の資金がたくさんあり​​ます。 彼らはすべてのそれをしないと投資家は、何かが、このようなクラッブHusonスペシャル1998年にハイテク株をショートして爆縮が、彼らがすることができたときと、うまくいかない場合にのみ表示されることがあります。, http://www.cliffkendel.com/モンクレール-レディース-tシャツ-c-14.html, 【送料無料】モンクレール 2013-2013年秋冬新作 レディースダウンコート/ロングダウンジャケットROMARIN(ロマラン)” シャイニーブラック(999)”, 売上高と確認された閉鎖に関しては、ものが来る、と彼は言った。 今でも、ヨーロッパや南米のバイヤーはローカルに浮かんでビジネスを維持している。すでにレイトン·ウッズで購入トールの家は英国、ベネズエラや他のいくつかの海外の国からの人々が所有しているダースかそこらの約90パーセントを。, WALK-OVER, NIKE FREE INNEVA WOVEN (ナイキ フリー イネバ ウーブン) 579916-008, 彼らのマリブの宿泊施設には、ビーチ間口60フィートで、50年前から家族にあった。 オリジナルのケープコッドスタイルの家は1978年に焼失。, 【送料無料】モンクレール 2014-2013年秋冬新作 メンズダウンジャケット/ダウンベスト ANDERSEN(アンデルセン)” シャイニーレッド(455)”, http://www.cliffkendel.com/モンクレール-レディース-ダウンジャケット-c-11.html, これらの努力は、ブルームバーグが自分の健康習慣を改善するためにニューヨーカーを押して、同様に行うために他の都市を少しずつ動かしにおける都市の役割を見てどれだけ積極的の印である。 しかし、それはカロリーのカウントを掲示し、レストランの食品中の人工トランス脂肪を棒にチェーンレストランを強要した最初の都市が最終的にソーダ部分をキャップに勝訴するかどうかを見守らなければならない。, 【送料無料】モンクレール 2013-2014年秋冬新作 メンズダウンジャケット MAYA(マヤ)” ブルー”, ティンバーランド 3アイレット, 【正規品】グッチ(GUCCI) 小物 グッチシマ キーケース ダークネイビー 138093, http://www.cliffkendel.com/, エクソン·バルディーズ号の流出事故から残さ油の隠されたプールは、14年前にカラフトマスの卵が死亡、ラッコ、ハーレクインアヒルやその他の野生動物の人口増加を遅らせる、十年アラスカ沿岸環境を破壊し続け、新しい研究は述べています。 株式市場は、天然ガスや石油株が上昇したとして、6に第五勝利週終了する損失を一掃、昨日の取引の最終90分で回復した。 エクソンモービル社とゼネラル·エレクトリック社は、スタンダード·プアーズ500種指数とダウ·ジョーンズ工業株平均を持ち上げた。 パーム社、デルコンピュータ社とアジレント·テクノロジー株式会社の下落は、ナスダック総合指数の増加を制限した。エネルギー原単位を販売するユナイテッド

  102. ontomj279 Says:
    March 24th, 2014 at 4:16 am

    どちらも「長くと広げまつげ と一緒に長持ち持久力」の永遠の約束を提供し、両方の製品は、他の0.50パーセント差内にあると、私は両方を購入することにしました。 非常に金髪のまつげ、非常に濃い黒い髪を持つ人として、私は両ブランドの黒を選択し、最高だったかを調べるために着手した。 ブランドリンメルは、英国を経由して我々の偉大な状態でインポートし、新しい化粧品のラインです。 2.49ドル+税の購入価格で、派手なラベルとベーシックなブラックボトルだった。 もし女性が理解するように、私はそれが本当にすべての私の目の周り汚すそして、最も重要なのは、ブラシに凝集していない私のまつ毛を長くしていないだろうかどうかを確認するために興奮していた。 女性は、この製品は素晴らしいの短いものではありません! もちろん、延長が効果を達成するためには、再度適用する必要がありますし、私にとっては、合計3つのアプリケーションであり、影響を与える顕著であった。 それは私が助けるためにfalsiesを追加したように見えたが、ない、それだけで素晴らしい製品でした! ブラシは、凝集したことがないもそれは今まで私のまつげに凝集しなかった。 分離し、長くするだけでなく、提供するブラシは、一人ひとりの一番下まつげがあまりにもカバーすることができるように、正確なでした! それは私のためにほとんど不可能である。 私は通常は黒のアイライナーでカモフラージュする必要があります。 黒色はベルベットのような豊かだったと私はどのように効果的な方法と、簡単にそれを削除した時に驚きました。 いくつかの簡単な池コールドクリームとパッと消える! すべてがなくなって。, <超安値>IL BISONTE バッグ セール【イルビゾンテ バッグ 2014 最新作】レザー2WAYショルダーミニバッグ – 5442302111-0061302【超安値で大放出】【人気sale】, 最後に、いくつかの新しいシルバーと14Kゴールドのチャーム提供する上で、このようなゴールデンスターとしてだけでなく、このようなアイオライトシトリン、オニキスなどのカボションカット宝石、での販売シルバークリップ上newpandoraのブレスレットもあります。, http://www.dunbrick.com/イルビゾンテ-カードケース-c-11.html, また、重要な多くのプリペイドのデビットカードは、どの金融機関にもリンクされていないということです。 言い換えれば、彼らはあなたの預金のためのFDICの保険を提供することはできません。 あなたのカードを提供している会社が倒産した場合、あなたのお金を保証するものは何もありません。, イルビゾンテ 手帳, イルビゾンテ 小物, <赤字覚悟>IL BISONTE(イルビゾンテ) レザーグラディエーターフラットサンダル – 5432404360-0061301【レディース】【アウトレット直営店】#26412;物]#26032;作], 私は衣類のためにオンラインで買い物をする必要があり、小さな町で服のブティックをオープンしようとしている? イムは、私がfoucusしようとしているブティック、IM用の服を購入することができるウェブサイトを探して。, イルビゾンテ キーケース, IL BISONTE 財布★特価【イルビゾンテ 財布 2014 新作人気】レザーパスケース付き二つ折り財布 – 5432409540-0061302【海外限定版】【激安価額】, あなたはレゴを持っているとしている場合、広告でそれを言及。 まさにレゴためにその売却に来る人たちがいました。 レゴは、売却に私たちを描き、それが大多数の人々が探していたものをように見えた何ですか。ユアーズを選択する方法, http://www.hahahealy.com/イルビゾンテ-手帳-c-8.html, 【新品 – 未使用】IL BISONTE 財布 一斉処分SALE!【イルビゾンテ 財布 2014 新作】レザー 三つ折り 長財布 – 5422300340-0061302【レディース】【アウトレット直営店】#26412;物]#26032;作], 約195万人が全米小売業協会によると、感謝祭の休日の週末の間に店舗やオンラインで買い物をし。 数字は、最大2008年の同4日の期間である。 買い物客の数が上昇した一方で、彼らは費やした金額は下って行った。, 【超人気】IL BISONTE(イルビゾンテ セール) 真鍮 プレート ネックレス – 5412300497-0061302【特価販売セール】【一番人気】, 【新品 – 未使用】IL BISONTE(イルビゾンテ セール) 真鍮 ロゴ入り リング – 5432409597-0061302【レディース】【アウトレット直営店】#26412;物]#26032;作], ミンゴ·リー、イースタン連結プロパティのディレクターは、買い手、E1広告グループ株式会社三木Naftaliを調達し、販売者は、Apacheリアルティを表していた。イースターカップケーキを作る, http://www.teamdanma.com/, http://www.teamdanma.com/cartier-カルティエ-c-33.html, Hermes:エルメス 三つ折り ベアン ミコノスブルー×シルバー金具, イルビゾンテ激安2014, コロラドオート差し押さえの法律

  103. kbbciw595 Says:
    March 24th, 2014 at 5:48 am

    シラキュースにある11。 トップス市場は伝えられるところ、その79店舗のすべてのためのペン交通(株)ベースのシラキュースに9000万ドルのオファーを投げました。, 人気あるコーチ COACH F18855 SIGWT デイジー キラ シグネチャー トートバッグ/ショルダーバッグ シルバー/ライトカーキ/ホワイト【最短翌日配送】, ハイパワーマウンテン$ 79万ドルの投資は、3つの成分に分解される。 ベツレヘムスチールは、建設や開発39百万ドルを投資する。 ベツレヘム鉄鋼鉱山の石炭を表面化する外部の企業グループは、3,000万ドル投資しており、新しいプロパティへのへの鉄道線路を拡張する必要がありコンレールは、千万ドルを作動します。, 「マット·パウエル、SportsOneSource、市場の小売追跡会社のアナリストは、彼がこれはまだ彼らのベストセラーのレブロンの靴であるとペースにあった彼に言われた3小売業者に話を聞いたと述べ、「CNBCが報じている。 パウエルは、最後の4週間にわたってNBAのジャージの売上高は、レブロン、ウェイド、ボッシュとのジャージを買う人々のおかげで30%以上アップしていることを言った。, トートバッグ, シャネル, 【スタイリッシュ】エルメス(Hermes) エヴリン コインケースアイリス, スワップへのエントリーは、一般の人々のために5ドル、UWM学生のための3ドルです。 12歳未満の子供は無料で閲覧することができます。, シャネル その他ケース, 【春新作】コーチ バッグ アウトレット COACH トートバッグ F19263 B4/MC ペネロピリネン シグネチャー ラージキャリーオール マルチカラー 2012秋冬新作驚きの低価格で, すでに我々の入力プロセスを見ていた、とミラー氏。 悲しいことに、我々はボストンでテロ攻撃を持っていたし、それは確かに私たちに影響を与えた。, http://www.rodrice.org/バッグ-c-127_128.html, 特別価格コーチ 財布 アウトレット COACH F47723 SV/MC ソーホーオプティック シグネチャープリントバックル ラウンドファスナー長財布 マルチカラー【new1220】【卸し売り】, 1980年にMCIコミュニケーションズ(株)の1,000株のために750ドルの投資は今約30万ドルの価値があるだろう、ベンゲル監督は語った。 MCI、長距離電話会社は、1984年にアメリカの電話電信会社の売却の恩恵を受けた。, ミュウミュウ MIUMIU 長財布 L字ファスナー クロコダイル型押しレザー レッド/ルビーノ RUBINO 5M1183 ST.COCCO【ランキング入賞】, バレンシアガ (BALENCIAGA)ザ タウン(THE TOWN)ハンドバッグ240579-D94JT-1202 ANTRACITEダークグレー【セール】, 塗料やフローリングが中性にし、新たに構築され、それは家具や壁掛けがありませんでした。 それは完全に白紙状態だった。, http://www.rbpainters.com/, coach スマホケース, 【コーチ】COACH ラウンドファスナー長財布 【パーカーレザーシグネチャーアコーディオンジップ】 F49159 SKHMA マホガニー, プラダ バッグ, アクセサリー, 彼らは詳細は何ですか。彼らは任意の比較を提供していませんし、彼らはすべての保証を提供していないドアの周りに来るとき「彼らは署名する消費者を奨励し、彼らはそれを明確に、彼らは契約書にサインアップしていることをしないことです。我々はどのような の話をすると、ストレート詐欺です。

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