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A New “clannad” for Clannad

January 27th, 2007, by zalas
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Once upon a time long ago, a couple had attempted to translate the massive game of Clannad and founded the Clannad Translation Project. As with many projects of that time, real life unfortunately got in the way and the project had to be scrapped. After many months of sitting stagnated, the leader of the CTP finally announced that the project was dead.

Flash forward to five months ago. Long after the CTP had been deemed dead, various members of Haelethes Gemot decided to translate small portions of Clannad’s script into a thread for Japanese practice and just general fun. Since this was a purely enjoyment endeavor and not a translation project, scripts from various people came in from all portions of the games, some translating the beginning, some translating humorous scenes, and some translating the favorite parts of the game.

Now, with a possible 10% of the game translated on the Gemot, contributer dgreater1 and velocity7 decided to resurrect the Clannad Translation Project, but now in a different approach then the original. Taking a cue from the communal translation thread at the Gemot and the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu novel translations, they have created a communal wiki for the translation, editing and proofing of Clannad. The project is actively looking for translators to contribute portions of translated script and to review other translator’s scripts.

More information and the project’s website can be found here.

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