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June 26th, 2006, by zalas
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As many of you know already, there was a large controversy on how Wind -a breath of heart-’s translation patch was handled. At VisualNews, we ran an article on this controversy linking various discussion forums (and become one itself) together with a statement that No Name Losers had made. That statement was retracted within a couple hours of its release, but do to misunderstanding, VisualNews chose to keep the statement up, though run a very apparent strikethrough on the entire original statement. As a result of keeping the article, we came slightly under fire from NNL when they put out their news release yesterday. Afterwards, we chose to pull the article and its related comments down, and because of that, we have also come under some fire.

So, at this time I would like to clarify what happened on the VisualNews side, and give the reasoning for our decisions.

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