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The Death of Wind (revision)

June 24th, 2006, by zalas
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Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding between VisualNews and NNL about the last article formly posted here. After reading the news update on No Name Loser’s website, we quickly realized our error and have complied with NNL’s wishes. VisualNews honestly did not mean any harm in what it did, but realized that some harm was indeed spread by the delay of the action of deleting the old article. For this, VisualNews would like to extend an apology to GipFace, NNL, and anyone else who took pain from our article. This fiasco has cuased us to make a slight policy change to how VisualNews writes articles. An article of VisualNew’s explanation of the recent events and policy change can be read here. Needless to say, what happened this time should not happen again.

For those still angry at NNL, I would please implore you to read what they have to say one more time before you judge them. It may have been everyone was just jumping the trigger to fast and there wasnt enough time to explain everything. But maybe in retrospect, we can actually go back and fix our mistakes.

As for VisualNew’s official stance on the Wind controversy, we have none. Each staff member has their own opinion on it, and if they so choose to do so, they may write an editorial on it. As a whole though, VisualNews does not have a stance.

News updated from NNL’s website:

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