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Fighting Piracy

June 24th, 2006, by zalas
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As NNL has taken their stance against piracy, it has sparked quite some debate in many “shadier” forums of the internet. In the surprisingly effective move of test each user who wants the patch by asking questions specifically related to the ownership of Wind -a breath of heart-, NNL has managed to keep the patch out of piraters hands.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer amount of pirates that have been turned away, and some conversation taking place on a certain Hongfire Thread, GipFace has mentioned that the patch will most likely NOT be released within a month publicly.

helkin, translator of Shuffle, has gone to say that he will guarantee use this system to distribute his patch of Shuffle and will go to as much lengths (if required to) of creating individual patches with identification marks so that if it is leaked, it will be instantaneously obvious who leaked the patch.

NNL has mentioned at how ridiculous the issue of piraters coming into the channel and lying in attempt to get a patch. If things keep up, more and more complex measures may have to be taken to acquire the patch. Please, for the fan translators’ sake, don’t go trying to deceive them into giving you a patch. Just buy the game, or save up some money till you can afford the game.

Thank you very much.

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