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  • JAST USA and MangaGamer deliver year-end updates

    December 31st, 2011, by zalas in Translation

    Both JAST USA and MangaGamer have delivered their year-end updates. From the JAST USA end, it looks like Saya no Uta and Hanachirasu will be sold separately, although there will be a discount for buying them together. The two games along with Sumaga are scheduled to be out before Anime Expo. Meanwhile, MangaGamer states that they’re working on a 4th hard copy game from the J-List distribution deal, which will be a game they have already released that they are trying to fix up. Furthermore, they’re also aiming for a end-of-February or beginning-of-March release for DEARDROPS, while the trial version is currently out for people to try out the game. Dengeki Stryker and Harukoi Otome are still in translation, with the former aimed at a release by the time Anime Expo comes around. As for ef – the first tale, it’s still undergoing review by NNL of the latest build from minori, which if it passes, will allow the release to proceed.

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  • Ohama and Putina hit the road

    December 27th, 2011, by zalas in Release, Translation

    Approximately one year after the license announcement, JAST USA has announced that copies of their latest eroge, My Girlfriend is the President, are now shipping. This bizarre comedy featuring spoofs of various world leaders was originally introduced to many people via a Hollywood-style promotional trailer complete with the “movie-trailer man” voice in English. The release will be based on the TLWiki project, with project members having worked with JAST USA on the release. This is the second game to be released in the JAST Densetsu lineup, a new brand JAST USA created for “higher quality titles” according to their Anime Expo panel.

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  • Little Busters! patch slides into home

    December 18th, 2011, by zalas in Release, Translation

    The translation group working on Key’s all-ages game Little Busters! has announced that they have completed a translation patch (denoted version 6.0) for the entirety of the game. Furthermore, translation patches are available for the Ecstasy (18+ conversion with added content and new routes) and Memorial Edition (conversion from Ecstasy back to all-ages) versions of the game, although they are simply to translate the sections in those versions which correspond to the original version of the game; in that regard, some aspects in those versions are somewhat broken. The current major issue with this patch is the lack of word-wrapping, which the team hopes to fix in the future. They are also planning on translating the extra content in the Ecstasy and Memorial Edition versions once the translation team gets a rest.

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  • When they finish crying…

    December 17th, 2011, by Message in Release, Translation

    After almost four years of work, today the Witch Hunt release the full translation of the fourth and final episode of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru, also known as When They Cry 4. As usual, the patch is released as a Windows installer, OS-X installer, and standalone zip archive.

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  • Kisaragi no Hogyoku full English version hits iTunes store

    December 10th, 2011, by Agilis in Release, Translation

    An complete and re-translated English script for the Japanese VN for iPhone “Kisaragi no Hogyoku” hit the iTunes store on Dec. 5, 2011. The previously available “Lite” demo version in English has also been updated with the new script and is available for free.

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