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  • Stalled Katahane translation resumes with a new translator

    June 20th, 2010, by dan88 in Translation

    After a previous attempt to translate Katahane stalled back in January on the TLWiki, a new translator, Yeah321, has decided to pick up the title from where the previous translator stalled. The old translator, “I failed jp302″, translated roughly ten percent of the trial version of the Katahane between December 2009 and January 2010 before deciding he was in over his head, and Yeah321 has began translating from this point. “I failed jp302″ has joined in this new effort to translate the title once again, this time as an editor instead of a translator.

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  • IP Blocks, Revisited

    May 26th, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    A blog site that keeps track of the export of Japanese bishoujo games, hevoluson, posted an article today looking at the current status of foreign IP blocks in Japan as well as TLWiki’s blocks, using a 2ch thread on an 18+ board as a source. The author points out an interesting post in the thread which claims that in addition to minori, CUFFS and Gungnir, there were three other companies who sent requests to TLWiki. However, there has been no sign of any response from TLWiki with regards to these requests.

    UPDATE: Anime Novel related stuff moved to new post

    UPDATE 2: Conversations in TLWiki’s IRC channel seem to indicate that cease and desist notices were indeed received from GIGA. Meanwhile, several uploaded scripts from Parfait were removed and Baldr Force EXE was removed from the list of projects in the sidebar.

    UPDATE 3: Both Parfait and Baldr Force EXE pages have been now deleted from TLWiki.

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  • Tidbit: TLWiki institutes Japanese IP redirect

    May 12th, 2010, by zalas in Tidbits, Translation

    Perhaps in response to recent cease & desist requests from Japanese game companies, TLWiki has now put in place a system to redirect users with Japanese IP addresses to Google, according to a recent post on the wiki. This is shortly after they moved their website onto its own subdomain, hosting off a different IP address from the main http://tsukuru.info/ web site.

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  • Tidbit: Subarashiki Hibi project started

    May 10th, 2010, by zalas in Tidbits, Translation

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  • Reactions to recent developments

    April 29th, 2010, by zalas in Tools, Translation

    A sizable number of users on 4chan’s /jp/ board felt upset at TLWiki’s handling of the situation and discussed the idea of a translation wiki that was impervious to cease-and-desist orders. This resulted in the setup of C&Dwiki, which redirects users from Japan to a snarky message. There are currently two new translation projects on this site. In other news, No Name Losers earlier today updated their website with a different YouTube video, as well as a new caption, “A Mystic Adventure!” Furthermore, on the bottom of their website is written “T minus 24 hours”. Lastly, former fan translator and current MangaGamer translator kouryuu started up a thread on our forums discussing the position of fan translations of visual novels.

    UPDATE: NNL states on its website that it has canceled work on ef. However, their website shows a “404 – Not Found” when browsed with a certain Japanese proxy but appear fine to several people in Japan who have browsed to the site.

    UPDATE 2: NNL states that they actually meant that the ef fandub project was cancelled and not the main project. They have released an installer on their own website and state that the data files needed for the installer can be found “somewhere else.”

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