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  • Subliminal Neko-Arc goes on rampage

    August 16th, 2008, by Message in Release, Translation

    After many months toiling with at least four or five different programming and/or scripting languages, mirror moon has released Tsukihime Plus+Disc English v1.1 to the public. This new version has the usual textual fixes, but also offers full support for English locales and for Windows Vista. A cat appears to be fine, too.

    Tsukihime Plus+Disc is a fandisc released by TYPE-MOON in 2003 as part of the Tsuki-Bako collection, offering a number of side stories to the original Tsukihime game. It can be seen as an extended version of the Tsukihime Plus-Disc, released separately in 2001, but the translation is only compatible with the extended Plus+Disc. Download links for the release can be found on the mirror moon website.

    Edit: A stopping bug was found in the release and v1.2 has been put online. Links updated.

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