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  • NNL posts ef preview

    October 8th, 2011, by zalas in Translation

    No Name Losers has posted a lengthy preview of MangaGamer’s upcoming release of ef – the first tale. Improvements over the original game and/or the fansubbed release include the ability to choose fonts for the dialogue display, a revised English script, an improved upsampling filter and an option to use an alternate set of fade and scroll speeds. Furthermore, NNL and MangaGamer’s editor developed two different styles for resolving the issue of mismatched dialogue text length between the original Japanese script and the English script, which is very apparent with the Japanese audio. Chapter 1 of the game will use NNL’s approach and Chapter 2 of the game will use MangaGamer’s approach. The conclusion of the post suggested future sneak-peak updates of this nature.

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  • Tidbit: NNL posts poll about Wind

    October 1st, 2010, by zalas in Tidbits, Translation

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  • a fairy tale of the three

    September 26th, 2010, by zalas in Feature, Press Release, Translation

    The overseas website for the game company minori has now been updated to announce the cooperation between three parties in a new overseas venture: MangaGamer, No Name Losers and minori itself. MangaGamer has now posted an entry on their blog announcing this as well as the first two releases, which will be ef – the first tale. and ef – the latter tale. The website for No Name Losers has also been updated with more information about what will be in these two upcoming releases.

    UPDATE: More details and links added to writeup and certain statements were removed at the request of our source. The article has also been reordered and NNL has issued a comment, stating that:

    [W]e appreciate the summary of events that [have been] written up — and that we’d prefer that everyone: the community, Gemot Encubed, and No Name Losers, move on from the bitter events of the past, as the minori/Mangagamer/No Name Losers partnership demonstrates so beautifully.

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  • ever fresh

    September 21st, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    No Name Losers has updated its website slightly, with the phrase “Ready for some magic?” and a picture of a broomstick with supipara written on top and “Alice the magical conductor” writtten below. supipara happens to be minori’s newly announced title, being the fifth in its main line releases according to its subtitle “minori’s 5th debut about ‘Wonder’”. This title was announced with a movie at the end of minori’s latest release, Tenshi no Nichiyoubi. There have been no updates from minori’s site so far.

    UPDATE: minori’s site has now been updated to redirect to http://overseas.minori.ph/ for people accessing from outside Japan and currently has Yuuko Amamiya flying past Japan carrying a bottle. It currently has the text “See you tomorrow !!”

    UPDATE 2: On minori’s site, Yuuko now appears to be headed towards Toronto, Canada, and No Name Losers’ website now has a picture of a smiling Miyako Miyamura standing next to an open mailbox with a bottle protruding out of it. The image file is aptly named “received.png”.

    UPDATE 3: Yuuko is now seen zooming off east, leaving a prone and scantily clad Miyako behind next to a Canadian flag marking Toronto.

    UPDATE 4: Yuuko is now on her way to what appears to be the Netherlands, and the caption was changed to: “Japan-Canada-??? See you tomorrow !!!!!”

    UPDATE 5: The top image on minori’s website has been replaced with a picture of super-deformed ef characters. There’s Miyako talking on the phone along with a frantic Mizuki trying to stop an angry Kei. “Tomorrow!” seems to be what the three are shouting.

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  • minori sends another email to NNL

    July 12th, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    After apparently receiving no response from No Name Losers to an email asking for them to stop their activities, minori has now sent another email to No Name Losers, this time publishing the contents of their email on (at least the) overseas-facing portion of their official website. From the contents of the email, it appears that minori has taken a slightly less confrontational stance, making clear their belief that NNL is infringing on their rights and what they believe to be the negative effects of NNL’s actions while no longer directly threatening legal action. Furthermore, from minori’s new requests, it appears that they have now learned more about NNL’s future plans as well and would like NNL to cease with those as well.

    UPDATE: No Name Losers’ webpage has been replaced by a page claiming they are in “preliminary discussions with the CEO of minori, nbkz Sakai.”

    UPDATE 2: minori has also updated their website, indicating they are in talks with NNL. (x3)

    UPDATE 3: NNL’s website now embeds a YouTube video of a piano performance of ebullient future, the opening theme to the 2nd season of the animated adaptation of ef – a fairy tale of the two.

    UPDATE 4: Both minori and NNL websites indicate an announcement may be possible in the next couple of days.

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