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  • Tidbit: minori reduces foreign facing page

    July 31st, 2010, by zalas in Tidbits, Translation

    The website for minori’s overseas visitors has now been replaced by a very short message:

    minori’s official website.
    (for overseas)

    We’ll be back soon.



    The Japanese part reads: “for comments, etc., please send Japanese email to info@minori.ph” The entire message is followed by a link to NO NAME LOSERS’ website.

    UPDATE: No Name Losers’ website is now also shortened to a simple message:

    We’ll update you with more information as soon as it becomes available.
    Keep minority spirit!

    as well as a link back to minori.

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  • Reactions to recent developments

    April 29th, 2010, by zalas in Tools, Translation

    A sizable number of users on 4chan’s /jp/ board felt upset at TLWiki’s handling of the situation and discussed the idea of a translation wiki that was impervious to cease-and-desist orders. This resulted in the setup of C&Dwiki, which redirects users from Japan to a snarky message. There are currently two new translation projects on this site. In other news, No Name Losers earlier today updated their website with a different YouTube video, as well as a new caption, “A Mystic Adventure!” Furthermore, on the bottom of their website is written “T minus 24 hours”. Lastly, former fan translator and current MangaGamer translator kouryuu started up a thread on our forums discussing the position of fan translations of visual novels.

    UPDATE: NNL states on its website that it has canceled work on ef. However, their website shows a “404 – Not Found” when browsed with a certain Japanese proxy but appear fine to several people in Japan who have browsed to the site.

    UPDATE 2: NNL states that they actually meant that the ef fandub project was cancelled and not the main project. They have released an installer on their own website and state that the data files needed for the installer can be found “somewhere else.”

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  • NNL and minori update websites

    April 26th, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    The foreign-facing section of minori’s website has been updated with an added explanation of their reasoning for their recent actions, seemingly focusing on indemnification of users. They also extend a welcome for people to visit Japan and play their games there. Meanwhile, NNL has updated their website, replacing it with an embedded YouTube video of a song called Rise Again and a new title for their page: No Name Losers – We Rise Again! There appears to be some confusion about whether NNL contacted minori previously regarding Wind. It does not appear that the project team really thought that minori knew about the project, according to the project FAQ.

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  • Cutting the Knot

    June 28th, 2006, by Message in Release, Translation, VisualNews

    After much deliberation, all parties involved have democratically decided to release the Wind -a breath of heart- translation patch publicly. As the current build still contains some errors, the public build is estimated to be released three weeks from now.

    Migrated from VisualNews

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  • Opinions, Explanations, and Policy

    June 26th, 2006, by zalas in VisualNews

    As many of you know already, there was a large controversy on how Wind -a breath of heart-’s translation patch was handled. At VisualNews, we ran an article on this controversy linking various discussion forums (and become one itself) together with a statement that No Name Losers had made. That statement was retracted within a couple hours of its release, but do to misunderstanding, VisualNews chose to keep the statement up, though run a very apparent strikethrough on the entire original statement. As a result of keeping the article, we came slightly under fire from NNL when they put out their news release yesterday. Afterwards, we chose to pull the article and its related comments down, and because of that, we have also come under some fire.

    So, at this time I would like to clarify what happened on the VisualNews side, and give the reasoning for our decisions.

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    Original post by Misuzu, migrated from VisualNews

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