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  • Nekoten can haz sales?

    November 14th, 2012, by zalas in Translation

    The official Twitter account (technically company head/mascot Yuuna’s account) of Nekoten & Co. (parent company of minori), through a rather bizarre trilingual interchange of tweets with someone looking for anime music video source footage, has revealed that the low sales of ef – the first tale. makes it difficult for them to consider further expansion outside of Japan. We’ve received confirmation from MangaGamer that sales are indeed low, but that ef – the latter tale. is definitely coming out. Furthermore, they’ve said that “naturally, we at MangaGamer would love to release more minori titles in the future as well.” Earlier, MangaGamer had revealed that due to minori focusing their efforts on getting their latest game, Natsuzora no Perseus, out the door for its December 21 release date, work on ef – the latter tale. is temporarily on hold.

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  • Tidbit: MangaGamer releases ef – the first tale.

    July 28th, 2012, by zalas in Release, Tidbits, Translation

    MangaGamer has now released an English translation of minori’s ef – the first tale.. The release comes in three separate ZIP files that total approximately 2.0GiB and now includes the font that was set as default in the in-game font chooser.

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  • Tidbit: Preorders open for ef – the first tale.

    July 12th, 2012, by zalas in Release, Tidbits, Translation

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  • MangaGamer grabs five sex romp titles

    July 6th, 2012, by zalas in Conventions, Translation

    At their Anime Expo 2012 panel (which thankfully did get rescheduled into a room that could actually realistically hold the number of potential attendees), MangaGamer updated the audience on the current status of their upcoming titles and announced five new sex romp titles as well — Boob Wars, Sexy Demon Transformation and Super Secret Sexy Spy from their new partner softhouse-seal, Portion’s Orion Heart and Aconite’s Slave Witch April, with the last two being dark-themed counterpoints to the more light-hearted softhouse-seal lineup. As for the current lineup, ef – the first tale. finally received a release date of July 27, whereas other games received approximate release times.

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  • MangaGamer adds ef to online catalog

    April 19th, 2012, by zalas in Translation

    MangaGamer has now added an entry for minori’s ef – the first tale. to their online catalog at 24.95 EUR. The listing also links to a download for the opening movie. Surprisingly, this game is tagged with “Reduced Mosaics”, instead of “with Mosaics” or “without Mosaics” like previous games. For ef – the first tale., mosaics aren’t entirely removed, but the pixelation and coverage of these mosaic patterns have been reduced. MangaGamer has posted a detailed message from minori concerning the issue on their blog, as well as comparison images showing the Japanese release and the upcoming English release. In the message, which was apparently written in November of last year, minori states two points. First, according to minori, they pursued an official release because MangaGamer agreed to bear any ethical issues arising from distribution of an English version, whereas a fan translation would not be able to provide that. Second, they wished to retain the mosaics in the English release due to fear of “some inconsiderate person” reinserting images from the English release back into the Japanese release, given the ongoing availability of tools to do so. However, minori said that they looked over some (adult) manga and video releases in Japan and decided that scaling the mosaics down for an English release would be acceptable even if the images made it back to Japan. The game is currently “waiting on a few final, minor changes” and no release date has been set yet.

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