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  • Yo-Jin-Bo available for download sales, more Hirameki titles coming?

    March 9th, 2009, by zalas in Release, Translation

    One of Hirameki’s last titles, Yo-Jin-Bo ~ The Bodyguards, can now be bought as a digital download via J-List or JBox (the all ages version of J-List). When asked about current plans concerning Hirameki titles and download distribution, Peter Payne, owner of J-List and JAST, stated that they are still talking with the Hirameki people that he hopes to bring more titles out.

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  • Ai Yori Aoshi Reviewed

    April 7th, 2006, by zalas in VisualNews

    RPGFan has placed an editorial review of Hirameki’s PC game Ai Yori Aoshi. The review is not very favourable to the game, calling it extremely short and linear and complaining about the plain graphics and sub-par voice acting. Thanks to GipFace for pointing this one out.

    On a related subject, we note that the recently reported 20% reduction at Hirameki’s webshop AkibaOtaku can only be used by residents of the United States, as AkibaOtaku does at the moment NOT support international shipping. Since their online store software seems to support international orders without problems, Hirameki might be coerced into changing their stance if sufficient people complain.

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