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  • FanimeCon 2009

    June 2nd, 2009, by shinji in Conventions

    Last weekend, we attended FanimeCon 2009 in San Jose, California (and have been physically recovering since then). As mentioned in our pre-convention post, our focus this time was on Halko Momoi. Outside of her two panels, two autograph sessions, and concert, she spent some time taking pictures with cosplayers, attending other events, signtseeing, and all the while posting pictures on her blog.

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  • FanimeCon 2009 cubed

    May 18th, 2009, by shinji in Conventions

    Two of our staff will be attending this year’s FanimeCon in San Jose, California from May 22nd through 25th. The highlight of the convention for us is going to be singer/voice actress/song writer Halko Momoi. We’re interested in what kinds of visual novel related questions our readers may have for her, given her involvement and interest in these kinds of games. If you have ideas, please post them in the comments for this article and we will consider asking them if we get a chance to.

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  • Anime North 2008 – Part 1 – Momo-i

    June 9th, 2008, by shinji in Conventions, Interviews

    Perhaps the main reason we attended Anime North this year was the Japanese idol Halko Momoi (桃井はるこ). You may know her as either a singer or as a voice actress, her debut single being “Mail Me” in 2000 and debut role being Komugi Nakahara (中原こむぎ) in The SoulTaker. Others may only remember back to her days with denpa unit UNDER17. She managed to find time for us to have a private interview about visual novels. It was quite interesting, and is included inside.

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  • Anime North 2008 – part 0

    May 26th, 2008, by shinji in Conventions

    We had a reporter at Anime North 2008 in Toronto, ON, Canada, which ended just yesterday. He’s currently stuck in the Los Angeles airport waiting for his connection home in…about 6 and a half hours. We’re sure he’s working on the content right now, so we expect that it will be up very soon. We will update you as soon as we have something prepared. For now, we’ll just say that it was a lot of fun, and that we have some interesting information coming about a certain guest.

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