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  • MangaGamer reveals new hardcopy titles

    December 7th, 2011, by zalas in Release, Translation

    MangaGamer has now announced the first three releases under their hardcopy collaboration with J-List. Go Go Nippon!, their all-ages game that introduces the reader to living in Japan, will be available for 15 USD MSRP. For their adult segment, MangaGamer and J-List are releasing Edelweiss and its fan disc, Eiden Fantasia as a bundle for the list price of 40 USD. Lastly, the recently released maid-centric title, We Love Master, will also be receiving a hardcopy edition, for the list price of 35 USD. All titles will be DRM-free, as have been their previous hardcopy titles, and are basic releases with no extras. The announcement post also contains detailed images of the packaging. Go Go Nippon and the Edelweiss bundle are expected to finish printing on December 20, and MangaGamer hopes to push through last minute fixes for We Love Master to have it out by New Years. The J-List website is now accepting preorders of the newly announced titles.

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  • Go Go Nippon going nicely

    October 8th, 2011, by zalas in Release, Translation

    MangaGamer released their virtual homestay game, Go Go Nippon slightly over a week ago and has garnered a decent amount of sales. According to MangaGamer, sales of Go Go Nippon during the first week beat out Kara no Shoujo and We Love Master in their first week sales. However, sales numbers for the first week were still less than first day sales of Koihime Musou. The rate at which Go Go Nippon has been selling has MangaGamer commenting that “[they'd] love to see the game expanded through DLC, so [they] hope it continues to sell well.”

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  • Go Go Nippon gets pricing, release date

    August 30th, 2011, by zalas in Translation

    MangaGamer has announced that their all-ages title Go Go Nippon! will be available for purchase on September 30, 2011 for 9.95 EUR. As has been covered before, this game is an educational product aimed at teaching the player about what it would be like to live in Japan. The game itself is produced by OVERDRIVE specifically for the English-speaking market and more details can be found on MangaGamer’s announcement post.

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