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  • Front Wing and 0verflow at AX 2010

    July 8th, 2010, by zalas in Conventions, Translation

    We had the chance to have a nice chat with two of the new companies present at Anime Expo 2010 this year with MangaGamerFront Wing (known for their Jibril and Time Leap games) and 0verflow (of School Days fame). It looks like Front Wing hasn’t really considered an overseas release yet, but they’ve started thinking about it. On the other hand, 0verflow, who released an English translation of the trial version of Summer Days for April Fool’s Day one year, seems very interested in releasing English versions of their games, although they do outline some issues that are impeding progress in that area.

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  • MangaGamer at AX 2010: The Booths

    July 7th, 2010, by zalas in Conventions

    MangaGamer occupied two islands of booths this year in the exhibition hall, instead of having a totally enclosed 18+ booth like last year. They brought a lot more companies this year, and this can be seen in the variety of booths they had. However, the main feature of their booths was probably the live stage, where they held a total of six miniature concerts over three days.

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  • TYPE MOONFront Wing flying in with MangaGamer

    June 25th, 2010, by zalas in Conventions

    MangaGamer has announced that game company Front Wing will be joining them this year at Anime Expo 2010. They will be bringing three illustrators as guests to the event — Fumio, Kuuchuu Yousai and Akio Watanabe. Front Wing is most likely known for three of their game franchises — Yuki/Sora/Hoshi Uta, Makai Tenshi Jibril, a popular series involving girls who transform into either heroines or villains and fight each other out, and Time Leap, Front Wing’s excursion into fully 3D animated eroge and IDOLM@STERdancing simulations. One of Front Wing’s older titles, Tea Society of a Witch was localized in English and released by Hirameki International as a DVD-PG game. Although these artists are coming with Front Wing, they also have their share of well-known work outside of Front Wing. Fumio was the character designer for Key’s Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~. Kuuchuu Yousai is the character designer behind Queen’s Blade’s Nanael. Akio Watanabe was the character designer behind The Soul Taker, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan, Popotan and assisted in the production of the opening animation to Leaf’s ToHeart2 and the animated adaptation of Bakemonogatari. In addition to these guests, character goods for Front Wing’s games will also be available at the booth.

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