Hako no minasaaaaan, encubed desu yoooo!


  • Agilis

    Website http://www.neechin.net
    Jobs Reporter, Editor
    Experience Non-zero
    Bio The Hellfire kitty. Translator, editor, analyst, busybody, consultant -- Found buried under projects.

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  • Message

    Website http://novelnews.net/
    Jobs Reporter, Reviewer
    Experience Finite^n
    Bio The chief newscaster of old, Message has more project hours down than he wants to admit. The release engineer. Fear him, for it is he who stands between you and your unfinished translation patches.

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  • shinji

    Website http://pikopiko.org/
    Jobs Webmaster, Reporter
    Experience Non-negative
    Bio Shinji is a student in the northwest corner of the US. He regularly attends Sakura-con and Anime Evolution, and has been to Comic Market. Recently, he has been trying to work on too many projects at once. You can usually find him on a rocket to the sun.

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  • zalas

    Website http://haven.parodius.com/
    Jobs Reporter
    Experience Positive definite
    Bio The great unknown. If you meet him, you won't see him. If he speaks, you won't hear him. If you hear a knocking at the door, you suddenly have a shiny decryption tool or translation patch on your steps.

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  • dan88

    Jobs Reporter
    Experience Monotonic increasing
    Bio A student in an Eastern US university with too much free time. Just beginning to venture into learning Japanese. Usually can be found wasting time doing something unproductive.

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