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  • Da Capo Innocent Finale sees English release

    November 30th, 2010, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    Last night MangaGamer released their second Da Capo title with one of the many Da Capo spin-offs, Circus’s Da Capo Innocent Finale. This all ages title focuses on Kotori, one of the girls in the original game and the sole heroine of this game. The game is being sold on MangaGamer’s all ages site for 19.95 euros, or approximately 27 US dollars at the time of writing this article. This release is a PC port of the original PlayStation 2 release of Da Capo Innocent Finale.

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  • MangaGamer posts updates

    November 24th, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    MangaGamer posted an update on their progress with their current game pipeline. Da Capo Innocent Finale is supposed to be out by “around the end of this month”, as finishing touches are currently being applied to it. It was claimed that D.C.I.F. would be the first game to have undergone that much testing and revision and should be a “complete farewell to the older days of Engrishy releases.” MangaGamer appears to also be pushing for Da Capo II to be released by Christmas, along with “a few bits of good news.” They had also received revised scripts for ef from No Name Losers, and their editor has been making progress on them. Progress on Edelweiss has also been going steadily, and an image of Edelweiss on the iPhone in Japanese suggests the possibility of the retranslation making it on the iPhone as well. Lastly, the first image posted in the article looks to be a trash incinerator. However, it is actually an animated GIF image, and would periodically flash to another, more gruesome image…

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  • TLWiki releases translation of Nitro+’s Hanachirasu

    November 15th, 2010, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    A translation team organized on TLWiki has released a full fan translation of Hanachirasu, a relatively short adult visual novel released by Nitro+ in 2005. The released patch translates the full story, although an included mini game remains untranslated. Another release of the patch is planned to take care of some minor details, such as adding support for an English locale and translating the right click menu. The fan translation patch is not stand alone, and requires an installation of the Japanese release of the game.

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  • Hoshizora no Memoria project receives C&D

    October 31st, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    According to a post on the Staircase Subs website, the translation group has received an email from FAVORITE, the company behind Hoshizora no Memoria. The email asks the group to not distribute things like translation patches of their game through media like the Internet. There had been a small amount of progress on the game translation project, and it appears that some of the more serious technical bugs with the translation had been fixed recently. There had been no patch release from the group, but the project files appeared to have been hosted on Assembla, although the repository currently requires a login.

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  • When They Release

    October 15th, 2010, by Message in Release, Translation

    With an updated release of their episode 4 and episode 6 patches of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the Witch Hunt have announced their collaboration with HOBIBOX to bring 07th Expansion’s popular doujin game series to a greater international audience. A downloadable version of both episode 4 and episode 6 (in Japanese) can now be bought online from HOBIBOX’s website at the same price as the original DVDs. The translation is released as a Windows or OS-X installer, or a standalone zip archive. The new patches have been designed to work with both the download version and the physical DVD.

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