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  • MangaGamer wraps up year with Da Capo II

    December 24th, 2010, by zalas in Release, Translation

    The official English release of CIRCUS’s romance game Da Capo II is now available for purchase from MangaGamer just in time for Christmas. The game takes place two generations after the first game, although certain characters never change… While there is currently no trial version available for the game, corresponding Tester’s Corners have been posted earlier on the blog, as well as character introductions. The game comes in at a hefty 2.17GiB spread across three zip-file downloads, unlike the usual single zip download.

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  • MangaGamer introduces permanent price cuts

    December 7th, 2010, by zalas in Translation

    According to a post on the official blog, MangaGamer is permanently cutting prices on almost all their titles. This ranges from dropping Suika A.S+’s price by half to slight adjustments to their 19.95 euro titles. Higurashi has been reduced to 24.95 euros and each of the answer arcs have been reduced to 9.95. Even the upcoming Koihime Musou has had its price cut by a little, although the post claims that will have no effect on the number of sales needed for voices to be added back in. Cosplay Alien, Da Capo Innocent Finale and Edelweiss were the only ones not cut, the former two being at 19.95 euros and the latter at 24.95. Lastly, the title picture for the post is a screenshot from Harem Party, the latest game published through a subbrand of NEXTON called Tactics.

    UPDATE: According to an interview posted on Siliconera, the reasoning behind the price drops was so that fans’ complaints could be addressed and sales numbers could be bolstered to attract more companies interested in distributing English releases with MangaGamer.

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  • Shii in a Thicket

    December 5th, 2010, by zalas in Release, Translation

    Shii has released a translation patch for Awatake Takahiro’s short visual novel Deep in a Thicket. The all-ages game features the countryside, aliens and (sometimes) scantily clad schoolgirls. The game can be purchased through English DLSite, and instructions and links are provided in the release post. The translator states that direct permission wasn’t obtained from the original creator to create this patch but that the original creator “approves of the idea of fan translations in general.”

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  • Translation of the first Starry Sky game released

    December 5th, 2010, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    A fan translation group by the name of OGE has released a complete translation patch for Honeybee’s otome title, Starry Sky ~in Spring~. This is the first of four titles in the popular Starry Sky series, with three sequels named after Summer, Fall, and Winter. The translation patch is fairly large at nearly 450 megabytes and aside from some minor issues completely translates the title.

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  • Impending opening ceremony for Shira Oka

    December 4th, 2010, by zalas in Release

    Okashi Studios has now opened preorders for the Windows release of their dating simulation game, Shira Oka. It is currently available for preorder through the Impulse digital distribution service. The list price is set at $24.99 and there is a 10% preorder discount with Impulse. According to a post on the official website, the game is due to be released in a week, and those interested can download a trial version to test out the game.

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