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  • Full fan translation released for Love Plus

    November 6th, 2011, by dan88 in Translation

    A fan translation group has released a full translation patch for Konami’s Love Plus for the Nintendo DS. A translation project was started on TLWiki within weeks of the game’s original release in 2009, which got close to 25% of the script translated before stalling for an extended period of time. At the beginning of this year a new group picked up the project from TLWiki, moving the project to a new website and releasing numerous partial patches over the past several months as they progressed through the translation of the remaining text. The final read me lists an impressively large staff consisting of 28 translators, 5 hackers, 15 editors and 4 translation checkers, all of whom who worked on the project at some point during the last couple years.

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  • A translation for A Profile

    October 6th, 2011, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    Earlier this week, Amaterasu Translations released their third fan translation of 2011, with a complete translation patch for AKABEiSOFT’s A Profile. They translated the 2006 remake of the title by AKABEiSOFT2 rather than the original 2005 doujin release. The patch itself is quite small, coming in at only 1.7MB and includes the option to either play with H-scenes as the title was originally written, or to exclude these scenes if one wishes to. This release marks the completion of the fifth project by Amaterasu Translations, as well as the seventh visual novel to be translated by Ixrec. Looking ahead to their sixth project, they are now planning to tackle Liar-soft’s Forest.

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  • Full translation released for élf’s YU-NO

    September 28th, 2011, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    More than two years after the project began, a team on TLWiki has released their translation patch of élf’s classic tale, YU-NO – The Girl that Chants Love at the Edge of the World. They translated the 2000 élf classic release of the title, which was packaged with Shangrlia 1 and 2, however they included additional content from the original PC98 release and the SEGA Saturn release. These additions include less censored CGs and content that was exclusive to the Saturn release. Additionally, the group made a voice patch from the Saturn release that is available as a separate download. The team regrets that they were not able to finish the project before Ryu Umemoto passed away this past August. Ryu Umemoto composed the background music for YU-NO, along with EVE:Burst Error and tweeted about the fan translation at the end of last year, saying “So I hear that YU-NO is being quietly translated into English… Looking forward to it!”

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  • The translation concludes for Eternal Lovers

    September 16th, 2011, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    Aroduc has released a complete fan translation for Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, concluding his translation of the original Galaxy Angel trilogy. Looking ahead, he does not plan to continue onwards with later Galaxy Angel games, instead choosing to focus on a new translation project that he has yet to reveal the name of. The initial release of this patch had graphical problems as an incorrect file was included with the patch, however this error has since been corrected with an update. The patch is available as a combination of two separate downloads which are both quite hefty compared to many translation patches, with a 287MB patch that translates the text and images and an additional 532MB patch which includes the subtitled movies.

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  • Full translation for Katahane released

    August 30th, 2011, by dan88 in Release, Translation

    A group on TLWiki has released two versions of the complete English fan translation for Tarte’s Katahane. Similar to the earlier partial release, they made a natural patch that omits honorifics and alters a few conversations that were difficult to translate into English, along with a literal patch that includes honorifics and does not contain these minor alterations. Looking back to the partial patch, roughly 60% of the downloads were for the literal version, leaving 40% for the natural version. On the TLWiki page, the group notes that the editor believes the natural version “provides a smoother reading experience.” The translator, “Yeah321” has also translated two of the five translated Sono Hanabira titles by the doujin group Fuguriya, is waiting for editing to finish on her completed translation of Heterodoxy’s The Second Reproduction, and is 39% through her translation of Propeller’s Ayakashibito.

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