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JAST USA announces Schatten

June 30th, 2012, by zalas
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During their Anime Expo 2012 panel, JAST USA announced that they had secured the rights to release Trample on “Schatten!!” ~kagefumi no uta~. This game was originally released under the now-defunct brand TAIL WIND in 2009, although there was a REVOLUTION+ rerelease in January of 2012 by NONSUGAR. Strangely enough, there was also a quite expensive “North American” release with the Kai monicker which featured uncensored graphics but retained the original Japanese text. However JAST USA does state that they do have an official license to release the game stateside.

The packed panel started with Makoto introducing himself and JAST USA. As is the norm for JAST USA panels, he proceeded to conduct a panel that matched Shingo’s previous panels in service and comedy. The opening parts of the presentation started with him discussing what he liked about eroge, namely “deep plots”, “epic battles”, etc. along with slides containing metaphorical explanations of such concepts through erotic depictions, which was a great hit with the audience. Makoto then proceeded to recap the most recent releases — Demonbane, Yuukuri Panic, Aselia and My Girlfriend is the President. For the last one, an audience member shouted “I want to see her birth certificate!” at Ohama’s picture, and Makoto responded with “I assure you she’s over 18.” Afterwards, he thanked Tinfoil and his TLWiki team for the translation and also unveiled JAST USA’s very own campaign poster for the election year.

The presentation then proceeded to highlight JAST USA’s latest release, an English localization of School Days HQ, which was available in both regular and collector’s editions in the dealers hall. According to Makoto, the game was a whopping 13 gigabytes across two dual-layer DVDs and “serious thanks” went out to Kanna and the Sekai Project team. While many people in the audience knew about School Days, he wanted to introduce the game to people who weren’t as familiar, starting off with:

… you play a guy named Makoto; no relation. He does have many relations, though…

He then proceeded to discuss the setting in the game and noted that there were 21 different endings for this game. Noting that there were many people who watched the animated adaptation, Makoto noted that the majority of them have “no blood” and then backtracked to saying that instead that in the majority of endings, “no one dies.” With the introduction, the audience was then taken on a sample tour of the fully animated game, with the audience having to decided on a specific choice point. Afterwards, three endings were shown, apparently tied to each of the possible decisions the audience could’ve made. Of course, the actual sex scenes in each ending were not played, much to the chagrin of the audience.

The panel then continued with information on upcoming games. Saya and Hanachirasu are translated and the scripts are currently with the Nitro+ team, being optimized for the English locale. Sumaga is still being worked on, and a composite of the opening video and gameplay was shown, with the “god” character and the hot spring “operation” being crowd favorites. Django is also being worked on, and was described as a “Western set in outer space.” Due to the parent company floundering, Moero 3 is currently being worked on by a new programmer, whereas Starless and Seinarukana both have translations ongoing. The latter was clarified to be 18+ in response to an audience member’s question. However, JAST USA did say that they are looking into working on more all-ages games. Lastly, a montage of fight scenes from Yumina introduced the game. The game is apparently from the people who worked on Aselia, and it is currently in testing to make sure everything works.

Finally, Trample on “Schatten!!” ~kagefumi no uta~ was announced via playing the opening video. It was described as a “classic henshin hero adventure” similar to Kamen Rider, etc. Translation apparently began for this game earlier this month. Of course, no JAST USA panel would be complete without a raffle. Peter Payne gave out bottles of Tentacle Grape, Moekana packs, School Days T-shirts as well as an “Anaru” masturbation toy, which was apparently won by a girl who then gave it to a lucky guy after the panel ended.


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