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MangaGamer adds ef to online catalog

April 19th, 2012, by zalas
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MangaGamer has now added an entry for minori’s ef – the first tale. to their online catalog at 24.95 EUR. The listing also links to a download for the opening movie. Surprisingly, this game is tagged with “Reduced Mosaics”, instead of “with Mosaics” or “without Mosaics” like previous games. For ef – the first tale., mosaics aren’t entirely removed, but the pixelation and coverage of these mosaic patterns have been reduced. MangaGamer has posted a detailed message from minori concerning the issue on their blog, as well as comparison images showing the Japanese release and the upcoming English release. In the message, which was apparently written in November of last year, minori states two points. First, according to minori, they pursued an official release because MangaGamer agreed to bear any ethical issues arising from distribution of an English version, whereas a fan translation would not be able to provide that. Second, they wished to retain the mosaics in the English release due to fear of “some inconsiderate person” reinserting images from the English release back into the Japanese release, given the ongoing availability of tools to do so. However, minori said that they looked over some (adult) manga and video releases in Japan and decided that scaling the mosaics down for an English release would be acceptable even if the images made it back to Japan. The game is currently “waiting on a few final, minor changes” and no release date has been set yet.


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