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A translation for A Profile

October 6th, 2011, by dan88
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Earlier this week, Amaterasu Translations released their third fan translation of 2011, with a complete translation patch for AKABEiSOFT’s A Profile. They translated the 2006 remake of the title by AKABEiSOFT2 rather than the original 2005 doujin release. The patch itself is quite small, coming in at only 1.7MB and includes the option to either play with H-scenes as the title was originally written, or to exclude these scenes if one wishes to. This release marks the completion of the fifth project by Amaterasu Translations, as well as the seventh visual novel to be translated by Ixrec. Looking ahead to their sixth project, they are now planning to tackle Liar-soft’s Forest.

Ixrec began his translation of A Profile on August 13, although he did not publicly announce that he was working on it until ending the group’s cooperation with MangaGamer at the beginning of September. He finished the translation on September 24, which was followed by editing and quality check during the following week. The team included an option in the patch that removes the H scenes in the game for those who wish to play without these scenes, however even with this option it remains obvious that such scenes occur. After the initial release, the patch was quickly updated to fix an issue dealing with a line that was suppose to be commented out but was instead viewable to the player.

A Profile was originally released by AKABEiSOFT in 2005, and a remake was later released by AKABEiSOFT2 in 2006. The scenario was written by Looseboy, known for writing the scenario for G-Senjou no Maou and Sharin no Kuni. It is a heavy romantic drama that follows the main character Masayuki, with a story route for each of the three heroines.


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