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Twitter chatter on Key matters

September 15th, 2010, by zalas
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The president of Visual Art’s, parent company to game brand Key, appears to have been saying some interesting things on his Twitter account. What started as a discussion on the feasibility of porting games to portable devices like the Nintendo DS and smartphones ended up revealing some interesting information about Visual Art’s thoughts on expanding overseas.

The following is a transcript and translation of the conversation on Twitter, and this conversation originally started with a discussion about the feasibility of porting games to the Nintendo DS.

スマホには行くしかないでしょう。ハードとOSの多様化は正直迷惑ですが^^;RT @HIT4karaage: @vavasyatyou iPhoneをお使いのようですがVAはスマートフォンに展開されるおつもりはおありでしょうか。

I guess we really have no choice but to move in that direction. The hardware and the plethora of available operating systems do make it kind of difficult… ^^; RT @HIT4karaage: @vavasyatyou It looks like you are an iPhone user; do you have any plans to expand onto the smartphone platform?

@vavasyatyou スマホといえばMOONSTONEさんやOVERDRIVEさんが先駆けておられますが、VAさんも先に挙げたメーカーさんと同様に海外展開等されるご予定はおありでしょうか?

@vavasyatyou Speaking of smartphones, MOONSTONE and OVERDRIVE have already [released on that platform]. Have you also any plans to expand overseas, etc. like these two aforementioned game makers?

両方ともエムトリックスさん販売ですね。同様に、ということはうちも移植許諾するのかということでしょうか?それは機会があればやってみたいですRT @t_shichisei: @vavasyatyou スマホといえばMOONSTONEさんやOVERDRIVEさんが先駆けておられま

I guess both of them go through m-trix for distribution. When you said “like [these two aforementioned game makers],” did you mean something like whether we’d also agree to porting [to the smartphone platform]? If there’s an opportunity, we’d like to do it. [quote snipped]

@vavasyatyou スマホ移植ではなく、OVERDRIVEさんやCIRCUSさんは海外向けのDL販売をされていたかと思うのですが、VAさんにはそういったご予定はないのでしょうか、という意図でした。こんなDL販売サイトがあるのですが。 http://bit.ly/cJkBFj

@vavasyatyou I didn’t mean about porting to smartphones. What I meant was that I was wondering if you have any plans to release games overseas, since I believe OVERDRIVE and CRICUS have been selling download copies of their games to an overseas audience. They have a download sales site like this: http://bit.ly/cJkBFj

これなら少し前竹内社長のお兄さんから投資案件としてご提案いただきました。とても精力的な立派な方でした。現在検討中ですRT @t_shichisei: @vavasyatyou スマホ移植ではなく、OVERDRIVEさんやCIRCUSさんは海外向けのDL販売をされていたかと思うう

In that case, I received a relevant offer made as an investment request from President Takeuchi’s older brother. He was a very energetic and admirable person. We are currently looking into the matter.

The Twitter user t_shichisei runs a website with the latest eroge-related news from Japan, as well as event reports and game reviews. “President Takeuchi” most likely refers to the president of OVERDRIVE. Both MOONSTONE and OVERDRIVE have released ported versions of their games (including an English release) on the iTunes App Store.


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