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minori sends another email to NNL

July 12th, 2010, by zalas
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After apparently receiving no response from No Name Losers to an email asking for them to stop their activities, minori has now sent another email to No Name Losers, this time publishing the contents of their email on (at least the) overseas-facing portion of their official website. From the contents of the email, it appears that minori has taken a slightly less confrontational stance, making clear their belief that NNL is infringing on their rights and what they believe to be the negative effects of NNL’s actions while no longer directly threatening legal action. Furthermore, from minori’s new requests, it appears that they have now learned more about NNL’s future plans as well and would like NNL to cease with those as well.

2010年7月12日に私たちはNO NAME LOSERSの皆さんに次のメールをお送りしました。



貴方たちが私たちが制作し販売している「ef – the first tale.」、「ef – the latter tale.」及びPS2版「ef – fairy tale of the two.」(以下、「ef」と総称する)や「eden*」、その他のソフトウェアについて英語に翻訳を行い、私たちの許可無く公開する行為は、各国が相互に批准する著作権法の翻訳権および公衆送信権を侵害する違法行為です。










The following is a translation:

We sent the following email to the people at NO NAME LOSERS on July 12, 2010:

To everyone at NO NAME LOSERS,

With regards to the email we have sent you previously regarding our wishes, we find it very unfortunate that you have not complied with our requests.

It is an infringement of the right to translation and public distribution, as outlined in mutually ratified international treaties, to translate and distribute without permission our software products, including “ef – the first tale.”, “ef – the latter tale.” as well as “ef – fairty tale of the two.” (hereafter referred to as “ef”) and “eden*”, etc.

It is a violation of our rights (in very much the same way as a pirate release) for you to translate without permission our already-released product “ef” and in addition make publicly available the graphics, sound, videos, music as well as the rest of the content in the game on the Internet. Furthermore, you have stated that you have plans to translate and disseminate to the general public [literally, an unspecified number of people] “eden*” as well as “Tenshi no Nichiyoubi”, scheduled for a September release in Japan; this is nothing more than illegal activity as well. Isn’t providing to the general public a standalone piece of software [of our games] a full rejection of all the rights to which we, as creators, are entitled?

You proclaim that you are fans of us, but your actions only hurt us, and thus we think it is difficult for you to be truly called fans.

We request all of the following of you:

1. To not distribute translations of “ef” and related works to the general public without our permission.
2. To not distribute translations of “eden*” to the general public without our permission.
3. To not distribute translations of “Tenshi no Nichiyoubi” to the general public without our permission.
4. To not distribute translations of any of our past works to the general public without our permission.
5. To not distribute translations of any of our future works to the general public without our permission.
6. To not use without limits, beyond the scope of quotation and fair use: images, etc. from our works and our website.

In order to produce our works, we have put in vast amounts of time and money and put our lives at stake. You are trying to destroy the fruits of our labors reaped from these many sacrifices with “fun” as your selfish reason.

If you really are fans of us, minori, and if you are looking forward to what we will produce in the future, then please immediately stop these illegal actions that are going to shut the doors to our future. Again, we would like to request you to [comply with us].

July 12, 2010
minori Inc.

P.S.: If you wish to obtain an official license from us, handle the ratings issue, follow our requested procedures and sell and/or distribute [our software] within English-speaking circles, then there is the possibility of your visiting our office and discussing with us a license agreement. We would look forward to people following the proper procedure for getting things done.

P.P.S.: The contents of this email will be published on minori’s website.

UPDATE: No Name Losers’ webpage has been replaced by a page claiming they are in discussions with minori in both English and (somewhat odd) Japanese.

No Name Losers is down until further notice.
We have begun preliminary discussions with the CEO of minori, nbkz Sakai.
Thank you for your understanding.

No Name Losersは追っての通知があるまで閉鎖します。
minoriのC.E.O. nbkz Sakaiと予備的な討論を始まります。

UPDATE 2: minori has also updated their website, indicating they are in talks with NNL:

2010年7月14日から私たちminoriとNO NAME LOSERSの皆さんとの間で発展的な交渉を開始しています。どのような結果になるかまだわかりませんが、遠くない未来に皆さんに結果をご報告できればと思います。今しばらくお待ち下さい。よろしくお願いします。

A translation of the above:

Starting on July 14, 2010, we at minori have started constructive negotiations with the people at NO NAME LOSERS. We don’t know what will result from this, but we would like to report our results to everyone in the not-too-distant future. For now, please wait for the time being. Thanks.

The second and third times they updated their site, they had this to say:

2010年7月17日、私たちからの提案をNO NAME LOSERSの皆さんにお送りしました。

P.S.No Name Losersの皆さんから第一回目の提案についてお返事を頂きました。

A translation reads:

On July 17, 2010, we sent our proposal to the people at NO NAME LOSERS. We’ve set the deadline for replying to us to be noon on July 21, 2010, JST. This incident has been written about on many blogs, etc. [TL: I assume minori is implying here that some of the writeups indicate that NNL and minori are not serious], but we are confident that NNL and us have started forward-looking discussions. For the many fans we have overseas, please wait for the time being.

PS: We have received a reply from NO NAME LOSERS with regards to our first proposal! Thank you very much!

A fourth update reads:

2010年7月21日、私たちは、私たちの作品を英語圏でリリースするため、NO NAME LOSERSの皆さんに協力を頂き、新たな枠組みを構築する作業を続けています。

which means in English:

As of July 21, 2010, we have received NNL’s cooperation and are continuing to develop a new plan for the release of our works in English-speaking circles. We hope to have new information for you after July 28, so please wait for the time being.

NNL’s website now reflects this:

No Name Losers is down until further notice.
We are currently undergoing serious discussions with minori.
Please wait a little longer.

No Name Losersは追っての通知があるまで閉鎖します。

UPDATE 3: NNL’s website now embeds a YouTube video of a piano performance of ebullient future, the opening theme to the 2nd season of the animated adaptation of ef – a fairy tale of the two.

UPDATE 4: Both minori and NNL websites indicate an announcement may be possible in the next couple of days.

minori’s addendum:


Translation of minori’s addendum:

PS (July 29): We’re a little late, but we might be able to make an announcement in a couple of days. Please wait for the time being.


There was to be an announcement on July 28th, but it has been temporarily delayed for special reasons.
Hopefully we can announce something within the next 48 hours. (July 30th or 31st)
Thank you for your continuing patience. Enjoy the music in the meantime!

As of writing, the current track on their player was LOOPCUBE’s remix of the Wind game opening along with random voice samples called “Wind -limited freedom mix-”.


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