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MangaGamer releases “Eye Opening” chapter of Higurashi

February 27th, 2010, by zalas
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MangaGamer has now released the first answer arc to Higurashi When They Cry, titled Meakashi. The release costs around twenty euros and comes as a 134.82MiB download.

This game is the third release under MangaGamer’s all-ages division, following the all-ages version of KIRA KIRA and the question arcs of Higurashi. In terms of story, the first answer arc, Meakashi, reveals many things about the world, and shows what was happening behind the scenes in one of the question arcs. While this arc answers some questions about the mysteries in Hinamizawa, it still leaves much to be discovered before the reader finds the true story of what is happening in this village.

The game engine has been converted from NScripter to a DRMed BGI, as usual. The script reads pretty nicely for the most part, although there are portions where the diction is a bit weird or there’s grammatical mistakes. For example, the following lines stood out in the first section of the game:

  • ……I cool my head as chilly as possible to repress my fear…
  • If it was a normal situation, I would know I wouldn’t run into them because the footsteps were very far away.
  • This key should be hard and cold, but… it’s pliable and hot…… it feels like rubber…

The line “I don’t want to memorize the Bible passages, and the Holy Ghost gives me a rash” sounds a bit funny at first, but it’s not the “rash” that’s the issue. While the translation delivers the general idea behind the original sentence, the original sentence uses “just hearing ‘(spirit of) compassion/love’” as opposed to “the Holy Ghost.”

For those wondering about the sound changes, it appears that the sound effects are still the same as the ones from the first English release, meaning that they are different from the Japanese release of the answer arcs. However, it looks like a lot of the music from the original Japanese release of Higurashi Kai has been retained. More specifically, the English release of Meakashi comes with the instrumental versions of “you” and “Thanks” just as the original Japanese version did.

There have been many complaints about the high price of this release, since it is only one of the four answer arcs and that the four question arcs were sold for under forty euros total. One of the staff has dropped hints that this is not related to the translation cost but rather to royalties. Perhaps the inclusion of some of the original music in the game has pushed the price up for this release.


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