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Elaborate Labors Towards Eternal Lovers

December 21st, 2009, by zalas
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A full translation for BROCCOLI’s romance-strategy-simulation PC game, GALAXY ANGEL (the first game of three) has now been released from the translator who worked on the TYPE-MOON Super Robot Wars doujin game, Battle Moon Wars. The patch translates the entire game, but has a few rough edges that may be polished later; the team is requesting comments, suggestions and error reports on its forums. The next project will be the second game in the series, GALAXY ANGEL Moonlit Lovers.

The GALAXY ANGEL game franchise is a series of space-themed strategy simulation games featuring romance elements, very much like Sakura wars. In fact, the creators once described the media-mix project as a combination of Star Wars with Sakura Wars, “Sakura Wars in Space”. The other parts of this media-mix project included manga as well as a comedy gag animated adaptation, both of which had seen officially localized English versions. There was originally a plan to localize the game officially, but that fell through the cracks, and with Broccoli International, BROCCOLI’s USA division, closing down, the chances for an official localization have dropped to nearly zero.

The fan translation started roughly around April of this year, taking around eight months before this release. The translator posted some notes on the translation process and is looking forward to working on the next game.


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