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SeikenSekien no Inganock translation released

December 19th, 2009, by zalas
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Amaterasu Translations announced the release of their complete translation patch for Liar-soft’s Sekien no Inganock. The group asks for feedback on their forums and the group’s translator, Ixrec, will be working on the web novels next.

Sekien no Inganock is one of several Liar-soft games that take place in an advanced steam-punk setting. This game in particular revolves around the bizarre city of Inganock, originally an aspiring arcology and was brought to ruin ten years ago by an event known as the “Revival.” The protagonist, Gii, is a wandering doctor with an ability very similar to the magic that evolved in the city of Inganock after the incident. The story starts with an encounter sparked by Gii’s inner voice directing him.

The patch contains a complete translation for the game, and according to the accompanying text document, does not contain (inline) translation notes, since they were considered to be hard technically and did not fit with the translation. The document does contain a list of honorifics as well as a note about how the terminology in the game was handled, and a link to the forums for suggestions on the terminology or other problems with the translation. Lastly, the document describes a drinking game concocted by the editors, although the group disavows any responsibility for anything bad that may happen.


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