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Rance recovers translated text tomes

October 21st, 2009, by zalas
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A English localization patch installer for AliceSoft’s Sengoku Rance is now available for download. This installer is intended to allow the user to install the game directly from the DVD or to patch an existing install. Furthermore, an additional patch has been released which adds text fixes and the ability for non-Japanese locale systems to display numbers correctly.

Sengoku Rance is the latest game in the popular series of games published by AliceSoft that follows the exploits of the hero-of low moral fiber, Rance, as he engages war and conquers women. The latest installment places him in a setting very much like the Sengoku period from Japanese history, although this land is apparently called JAPAN and not Japan. Historical figures and countries appear in the game, often with massive modifications to their looks and gender and subtle modifications to their names. The game is a strategy game where the player controls armies led by generals and has to conquer the land of JAPAN. The player can either play through the story mode, which has multiple possible paths, or a free play mode (needs to be unlocked) where the player controls one country and the plot elements are removed. In either case, the game is often described as an addictive time sink, with people spending hours upon hours playing the game.

The current translation patch will translate all of the text in the game, with a few exceptions. There are many known issues about the patch, although bug reports are encouraged as well. Parts of the technical aspect of the patch are very hackish, but it is not too buggy to prevent a reasonable run-through of the game. Known issues can be found in the two posts. Typos and grammar mistakes can be reported on the forums.


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  1. Kouji Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    it’s a great game and translated :>
    ……what’s next after Rance VII…

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