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MangaGamer releases Suika A.S+

April 24th, 2009, by zalas
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MangaGamer has posted an announcement on their site regarding the April 25, 2009 release of an English adaptation of CIRCUS’s Suika A.S+. The other titles scheduled for the same release date have been pushed back until June 15 and July 2 in order to improve script quality. We will update this news post once Suika A.S+ is actually available for purchase in a few hours.

This game requires activation, as usual, but it appears they are using a different activation system — Alpha Activation, from SETTEC. Amongst the game files is a PDF file that contains translation notes, which includes various terms and how various puns were handled, as well as cultural notes on things like Valentine’s Day. Another small change is that the executable now has a proper icon, one of Archimedes. It also appears that MangaGamer is still using the Buriko General Interpreter engine for the game and thus must have ported it from the original Japanese release.

The opening movie is just the Japanese opening, with no translations. The actual script translation reads fairly well, with no glaring mistakes upon a cursory glance and only a few places where the text felt funny, such as “Said that” as a sentence right after some spoken words. All in all, the quality of the text seems to be somewhat higher compared to MangaGamer’s release of Da Capo.

The menu system is fully translated, although there is an oddity. When one clicks Intermission in the main title menu, one is led to several choices. In the Japanese game, this submenu allowed the player to either browse CG, listen to the music or replay certain scenes, as well as play several extra scenarios. In the English menu, one can see the options for “Supplement”, “Summer Vacation” and “Draw the Curtain” in addition to the CG, Music and Replay options. These three options roughly correspond to translations of the extra scenario titles. What was odd was that “Summer Vacation” was enabled when first playing the game, and simply played the opening movie.

Suika was originally released by CIRCUS in 2001 and featured a four-part story, each taking place in roughly the same rustic setting, but with different protagonists and characters. The game received an all-ages adaptation with added scenarios in the form of a Dreamcast and PlayStation release (2002), which was backported to the PC in both all-ages (2003) and adult (2004) versions. The 2004 version, Suika A.S+, had added content and was also ported to the PlayStation2 as an all-ages release. MangaGamer is releasing a translation of the 2004 PC version.

The Suika franchise also received numerous spinoffs and adaptations. CIRCUS’s amusement disc, What Archimedes Forgot(アルキメデスのわすれもの), was named after a certain character in Suika and featured a prologue scenario for Suika as well as a scenario previewing Da Capo. Furthermore, CIRCUS also released a full-length prequel to Suika, titled AR ~The Forgotten Summer~(AR 〜忘れられた夏〜). Lastly, Suika also received a radio drama CD series, novelisations, vocal albums as well as an animated adult OVA adaptation, which was released in North America by Kitty Media as Wet Summer Days.


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  1. Veni Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 1:08 am

    Can’t say I’ll shed any tears for “Suck my dick or die” (Seriously who the hell came up with that name…) being pushed back, but I’ll be happy to show my support for Suika and hopefully Manga I’ll get the message that not all members of the english speaking eroge community want these silly oversexed titles their pushing recently…

  2. Ronald Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 8:37 am

    ahh..I can smell its future delay and bug fix in this game.

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