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Shield 9 approaching circle-9?

February 8th, 2009, by zalas
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Strangely enough, there’s some effort on a certain Vietnamese game trading(piracy) forum working on an English translation (due to the inability of inserting in Vietnamese into the game) of AXL Soft’s Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate – The code name is SHIELD-9. The goal of the project is to provide two translated versions of the game — one that includes the H-scenes and one that does not.

This game, referred to as Koitate for short, tells the story of AIGIS Security Company’s promising rookie, Shuuji Kisaragi. While AIGIS’s role on the surface is to act as a security company, there is also another side to this enterprise — providing bodyguards to protect their targets using any means necessary. Shuuji’s job this time is to dress up as a girl, under the assumed name of “Taeko Yamada”, and infiltrate an all-girls academy in order to serve as a bodyguard. Action, romance and comedy ensue…

The maintainer of the English version of the status page (a post on the forums) has decided to remove the link to the full game and also states that there will be a preview patch released soon to introduce the characters. Current progress is projected at around 16.71%. It seems like there is one translator working on this project and a team of “linebreakers” whose job are presumably to manually format the text such that line breaks are correct and not in the middle of a word. Furthermore, the team seems to have problems changing the graphics in the game, so some of the Japanese in the images will not be changed.


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