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Outbreak Of Orange Vegetables In Exchangeable Uniforms

February 8th, 2009, by Message
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After approximately three years of work David Michel and Matt La France have released a full translation patch for the PC-FX version of Welcome to Pia Carrot, the first in a famous series of dating simulation games by Cocktail Soft. The translation patch can be used as a soft-patch with the (commercial) MagicEngine FX emulator, or as a modification to an actual disc image for playing on a real PC-FX console. In both cases the patch translates the entire script and most of the game images. The translator notes that, as this is the first release version, some details might be not be entirely perfected yet.

Welcome to Pia Carrot is a loosely stats-based dating simulation game where the protagonist has to earn the affection of one of several young waitresses working at the Pia Carrot restaurant chain. As is usual with this type of gameplay, each girl has her own personality, preferences, and issues to deal with and the player must choose his priorities appropriately to gain the favour of any specific character. An interesting feature that the Pia Carrot game series has become famous for is that the player can choose which uniforms the girls wear in the restaurants.

The NEC PC-FX version of the game was released in 1997, a year after the original PC version, adding voice acting while retaining the adult content of the story. In 1998 an all-age version was released for the SEGA Saturn. Apart from these two ports Welcome to Pia Carrot has spawned a great number of sequels and spinoffs on a great many gaming platforms, the last of which being Welcome to Pia Carrot G.O. Special Edition released in 2008. Also several animations were created based on the game series, both adult and all-age.


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