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-atled- at the ready

January 30th, 2009, by zalas
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Apparently, a translation project has sprouted up for -atled-, a three-part visual novel game serialised in the monthly PC Paradise (パソコンパラダイス). A preview patch is available for download from the project website.

This game is an all-ages time-travelling adventure available as extras in issues 199, 200 and 201 of monthly PC Paradise. It tells of how the quiet lives of the musically-talented Aoba Ishinomaki and her friend Machi Fukuda at the orphanage were disrupted one day by a particular incident. In a scramble to solve her problems, Aoba came across a strange rumor — that of a book that would make any wish come true…

UPDATE: According to a new post on the translation project website, patches are currently offline while the translator is waiting for a reply email from the production staff concerning the translation project.


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