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Rance ready to conquer the English-speaking world

January 6th, 2009, by zalas
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TakaJun and his merry friends have revealed that their next project is going to be a translation for AliceSoft’s 2006 strategy game, Sengoku Rance. Translation has just started and there are various kinks that need to be worked out, but there are some teaser images available for the curious.

Sengoku Rance hails from a long tradition of RPGs from AliceSoft, even though the game itself is actually a tactical strategy/simulation. In the game, Rance has just arrived in the land of JAPAN (not to be confused with Japan, even though JAPAN is oddly similar to the Sengoku period) to conquer its hot women and make them his own. Through a series of odd events, Rance gets put in charge of the Oda family military and sets out to conquer the various small states that comprise JAPAN (and of course make way with their women as well).

The player controls armies under the command of the various generals in the service of the Oda faction and pits them against the other armies of the land. Properly recruiting generals and maintaining appropriate numbers of soldiers are vital to success in this game. In addition to commanding warfare, the player also interacts with various generals and by doing so can raise their stats as well win their love (female generals only). While the story in this game can’t really be taken seriously, the gaming aspect is very nicely done and can lead to hundreds of hours of gameplay.


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