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Princess in the Making

January 5th, 2009, by Message
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A group calling themselves Roken Translations have announced they will be translating Princess Maker 4 to English, using the original Korean version as source. Lacking tools to extract the entire game script at once, they are currently using AGTH to extract and translate every line of text separately. The group is looking for beta testers, editors and people who can help with script extraction.

Not counting the remakes of the first two games, Princess Maker 4 is the fourth installment of a popular child-raising simulation game series first created by GAINAX in 1991. The games all focus on raising a daughter to adulthood, where decisions made throughout the game determine what kind of life she will end up leading when you reach an ending.

Princess Maker 4 mostly differentiates itself from the rest of the series in that it focuses significantly on drama and story, and that it was originally released in Korean by a company called GeneX. Original series creator Takami Akai, then board member of GAINAX, supervised the production while character design was executed by Tenhiro Naoto, creator of Sister Princess. In 2006 Princess Maker 4 was released in Japanese with added story events and endings.


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