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OVERDRIVE looking for game scripters

December 25th, 2008, by zalas
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It appears that OVERDRIVE, original publisher of MangaGamer’s Edelweiss, has posted a request on their staff blog for three (Japanese) people to help them with the technical process of creating versions of currently released games for an European and American audience, including tuning the scripting in their current games. Apparently, English ability is not a required skill but will result in a fatter paycheck. It looks like the technical aspects of the game engine are handled by OVERDRIVE, while the translation and distribution are handled by MangaGamer. At least this is a good sign that OVERDRIVE wishes to continue in their endeavor. Thanks to TakaJun for the heads up.


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  1. stranger Says:
    January 2nd, 2009 at 10:33 am

    does that mean that Edelweiss have met/exceeded their expectations (sales wise)? Which now makes me wander on how well is MG doing (perhaps it is time for a new interview?).

    Any way, I don’t see this as a wise move from OVERDRIVE. Unless they are releasing more then 4* games a year, I think adding permanent staff to the payroll should be left to MG, who will use the said staff on all the titles they get, including the ones from OVERDRIVE. I see no reason for each individual company working with MG to increase its payroll on people that will end up doing the same job across *all* the companies! Let MG worry about the western market and let them hire people to do the work. This should be cheaper on the long run and will allow _other_ companies to give their titles to MG without increasing their own payroll (unless OVERDRIVE is hiring these guys *for* MG?)

    * I don’t know how busy it can get to release 1 game, but considering that these guys are “extra” staff, I have to up the number of games to 4

    P.S. now, when am I going to get my Rin-chan? (Edelweiss fan disk)

  2. zalas Says:
    January 2nd, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    Apparently these new people are going to be part timers, but might land a permanent position if they are so inclined and motivated. My wild guess is that they are porting future MangaGamer games to Ethornell (the game engine used by OVERDRIVE), like they did with Da Capo and they need helpers in that regard. And if you haven’t read my post on Da Capo getting pulled yet, it looks like that lots of technical production IS done on the Japanese company side. I’m guessing MangaGamer is only handling sales, distribution and text translation.

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