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al|together opens to all for extended phase

December 4th, 2008, by zalas
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After thanking the participants and giving a summary of the translation festival, Seung Park presented an invitation to the “Extended Phase” of al|together 2008. Submissions are due February 14, 2009 and will be featured in the opening phase of al|together 2009. Please check the site for exact details on how to submit.

Submissions must be feature-complete draft builds of the translated piece, along with proof of permission from the original creator(s) and must be translated directly from the original language. Each submission will result in either:

  • a rejection without comments for inadherence to rules or unacceptably poor translation and will result in disqualification for future attempts, or
  • a rejection with comments pointing out areas that need improvement, or
  • an acceptance with comments for translations that meet an acceptable level of standards. Accepted projects will be featured in the opening phase of al|together 2009

Unlike previous years, technical and language support will not be provided for this extended phase, while it seems likely there will be such support for the invitation-only main phase of al|together 2009.


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