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The al|together Procession

November 28th, 2008, by zalas
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The al|together 2008 releases have started, as Caesar steadily marches towards Rome with the Rubicon behind them… This post will be updated as more releases come.

The first release from al|together 2008 is a short, roughly five-minute piece on loss and redemption from the doujin (now defunct?) circle Persian Blue called “From the Bottom of the Heart” (願えばきっと…). It is translated by Chris St. Louis and is available for download in both Mac OSX and Windows flavors through torrent. On the page, there is a lengthy recap of the translation process and what the translator had to learn in order to produce this translation, along with an analysis of the writing in the original.

The second release is also a short piece and is translated by Edward Keyes and Seung Park. The game, called “Crimsoness” (灼熱姫), is an award-winning game produced by an individual who goes by the name ‘Porn‘. The translators labeled this game as “the OMGWTFOTL of this season”, referring to the cult hit from al|together 2006. A catchphrase from the project page reads: “So gather ’round and hear the epic of Bakumi Moriyama, the most powerful being in the universe. But only for three minutes.”

The third release clocks in at around an hour’s worth of reading time and is translated by Seung Park. “The Letter” (手紙) is an exploration into “the meaning of ‘family’ in an increasingly fragmented world” by the doujin game circle P.o.l.c. Even though the visual and aural presentation is fairly minimalistic, the game has received favorable reviews. The game is available in both Windows and Mac flavors from the translation project site.

The fourth release is a piece translated by AstCd2. “Moonshine” (月照〜ツキノテラス〜) is a short novel game released by Sakura Mint that explores a controversial subject and received both praise and disgust from readers. High production values and an exploration into gender issues “with great warmth and sensitivity” set this apart from other works. As usual, the game is available in both Mac and Windows flavors from the translation project website.

The fifth release comes from a joint collaboration between Irene Ying and Seung Park. “May Sky” (ごがつのそら) is a novel game from Scrubbing that clocks in at around 2-4 hours of reading time. The story examines what happens when one places a rookie salaryman who doesn’t care about others around him together with an unsympathetic shrine maiden. According to the project website, “it is a tale of two hearts learning — often painfully — to beat as one.” Originally released in Flash, it has been rereleased as an NScripter-based game by the original creators, and can be found in Mac and Windows flavors from the translation project site.

The main phase of al|together 2008 wraps up with yet another work translated by Seung Park. In fact, there have been two failed attempts before to translate BEKKO.NET’s adult novel game LEAVEs. The work deals with darker aspects of life as opposed to typical school romantic comedies and was compared to Leaf’s December When There Is No Angel (天使のいない12月) and ruf’s Yume Miru Kusuri (ユメミルクスリ) by the translator. As usual, Mac and Windows versions are available from the project website.


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