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insani launches al|together 2008

November 27th, 2008, by zalas
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After a cryptic poem and just in time for Thanksgiving, insani launches al|together 2008 – Cross the Rubicon, the third iteration of the translation festival and a bold statement on the current attitudes present in the translation community. According to the website, one finished translation project will be revealed each day for the next six days, each of which would include “commentary, peer review debriefs, and short literary analyses.” Readers are warned, however, that the extras may contain spoilers for the actual work, and thus are encouraged to play the work in question before reading the extras.

This is slightly different in execution when compared to previous festivals, where insani would release one or more translations to kick off a one-month period in which the entire translation community would get together and translate a freely available visual novel. This year, Seung Park, festival coordinator, proclaims that this festival is a “profound rejection” of what he feels to be wrong with the current attitude towards translations, such as having an “arbitrary grading scale” for judging translation quality, translation processes consisting of “barely-readable ‘first-pass’ translation” followed by an editing pass by someone who has scant knowledge of the original text, and beliefs that it is “perfectly ethical” to translate a piece without the original author’s permission.

In the top banner of the al|together 2008 website, there seems to be future links to six works, as well as an “infinity” section. It is possible that the festival will be opened up to the general translation community after the sixth work is released. Another possibility is that insani will leave some words of encouragement at the end to further promote the ideals represented by al|together 2008 so that the festival essentially never ends.


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