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November 1st, 2008, by Message
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After three years of hard work, today mirror moon releases their full translation of Fate/stay night, the largest game ever to have been translated to English by fans. The release can patch an existing installation of Fate/stay night (either Japanese or English) or install a new one, supports both the CD and DVD versions of the game and includes an optional voice patch, used to add the Realta Nua PS2 voice acting to all spoken dialogue in the game. Fate/stay night English is released for Windows only and works on both Japanese and non-Japanese locales.

Fate/stay night is one of the most famous visual novels of the decade, telling the story of the Holy Grail War, a fierce battle between seven magi and the Servants they control. It was released by TYPE-MOON on January 30, 2004, was sequeled by Fate/hollow ataraxia late 2005 and got an anime adaptation by Studio DEEN and Geneon in 2006. The game was later ported to the PS2 as Realta Nua. The Fate universe has seen several expansions in forms of novels, manga and fighting games.

mirror moon translator TakaJun started working on the script and images of Fate/stay night late 2005, working silently for a few months to see if translating the game would be feasible. At April Fools’ 2006 the project was officially announced, the joke being that it was actually true. It then took over a year until the Fate route patch could be released, translating the first of the game’s three routes to English. Two years after the official announcement the second version was released, adding the second route Unlimited Blade Works. Now, after a total of three years of work, all three routes are translated with the release of Heavens Feel.

Edit: Due to a nasty bug a new version was released (v3.1), but for the voiced version of v3.1 another small fix is required. See the official post for details.


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