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Press Release: Princess Waltz Goes Golden Master, New Website

October 24th, 2008, by zalas
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JAST USA has announced that the golden master for their upcoming eroge, Princess Waltz, has been completed. The game is now in the printing phase and is expected to be available in November, with preorders starting now.

JAST USA Press Release: Adult PC Game Princess Waltz Goes Golden Master

San Diego, California, Thursday, October 23, 2008

JAST USA, the leading publisher of Japanese PC dating sim games in English, today confirmed the golden master status of PRINCESS WALTZ, the latest “dating simulation” collaboration between JAST USA brand Peach Princess and hit Japanese maker Will/Pulltop. The game is now available for preorder with release expected in November 2008, and a new official website online at http://www.princesswaltz.com.

In Princess Waltz players are introduced to the fantasy world of Eldhiland, where each generation the princesses of its six kingdoms compete for the hand of the emperor’s son in a tournament of martial prowess known as the Princess Waltz. But this time the crown prince has gone missing, and when the princesses try to follow him, they end up in modern Japan!

In the game, you are Arata, an average student thrust into extraordinary circumstances when a mysterious transfer student arrives at your school. What connection does this newcomer have to the monsters that suddenly start appearing on the school grounds, and what of the beautiful girls with swords that do battle with them?

Princess Waltz features a unique and innovative card battle system that puts you behind the progression and customization of your character. As Arata it is your task to learn the secret behind the Princess Waltz, team up with each female character to defeat the otherworldy menace that threatens Japan. (Of course, to attain this special “synchronization” with the other girls, you need to have sex with them).

JAST USA president Peter Payne said, “We’re tremendously pleased to bring such an exciting title to the English language market. With an epic plot and a customizable card game providing great replayability, not to mention loads of great erotic scenes, we’re sure this is a game fans are really going to love. It was one of the top bishoujo games in Japan, and we expect a similar reception by fans of bishoujo games here. Fans have let us know they want to see dating-sim games of higher quality, and Princess Waltz is top notch!”

In conjunction with the Golden Master announcement of Princess Waltz, an official site for the game was unveiled at http://www.princesswaltz.com. The site contains details on all aspects of gameplay, story and character descriptions, sample game images, and more.

The game is available for preorder now at the JAST USA website as well as other fine anime retailers, and is expected to ship in November of this year.


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