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MangaGamer pushes back game releases

August 7th, 2008, by zalas
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According to MangaGamer’s website, releases for all their upcoming games have been pushed back. Of note, Da Capo has been pushed back to mid-October and Suika has been pushed back to the beginning of December. Possible reasons for these delays may lie in their interest in producing a better script and their solicitation of proofreaders. However, they may simply be swamped with too much work at the moment.

According to a trusted source, MangaGamer is working on fixing the character spacing problems in LCSE, the game engine used for their releases of games from NEXTON. As reported previously, there have been spacing issues in My sex slave is a classmate, resulting from an incorrect font being used by the game engine. Fixing this may require further playtesting to make sure the text lines break at correct places.

Shera, My Witch and Tasty Shafts, originally scheduled for an August 10 release, have been pushed back to September 15. For the other games originally scheduled for an August 10 release: Suck my dick or die! is pushed back to October 1 and Sandwiched by my wife and her sister is pushed back to November 1. Da Capo was originally scheduled for an August 30 release is now coming out on October 15. Suika A.S+, originally scheduled for September 30, is now going to be available starting December 1. Lastly, originally the last game in the lineup, The Queen and Princess as your rewards is now coming out on November 15.


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