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Men Done With It

July 2nd, 2008, by Message
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Over the past few days many people have been speculating about the red moon theme on the mirror moon website, but despite hopes uttered by some fans the world is not yet seeing a Heaven’s Feel release. Today, mirror moon releases their English translation of Men at Work! 2.

Probably the longest running translation project to ever see the light of completion, Men at Work! 2 English was first started by Top50 back in 2001. As years came and went the progress of the project slowed to a dead halt until TheXev and Top50 agreed that mirror moon would take over the translation. TakaJun had already translated part of the game for the original MaW!2 Translation Project and it was decided that the rest of the game scripts would be re-translated by him as well. At some point TheXev passed on the director’s chair to Radical R, who finalized the project together with the rest of the mirror moon staff.

Men at Work! 2 is an adult action/fantasy RPG styled visual novel, released by Studio e.go! in november 2000, featuring a 3D battle system and, in the plus version, full voices. The Voice Plus version (version 1.50) was originally released as a bonus on the Men at Work! 3 DVD, and has since been released once more on the Men at Work! 4 Special Edition DVD featuring a huge overhaul to its 3D system (version 1.51). The translation is designed to work with either of the two Voice Plus versions of the game. It will not work with the original, unvoiced Men at Work! 2. The Men at Work! 4 Special Edition DVD can be purchased through HimeyaShop [NSFW].


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