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Anime Expo 2008 – Tailgate Party

July 1st, 2008, by zalas
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As a heads up, please check back here regularly as encubed will be covering Anime Expo 2008. The first item of interest is what seems to be a new online game downloading service, called MangaGamer, slated to open on July 3, 2008, with Da Capo and Suika as their primary launch titles, plus some other interesting titles we’ve found after some searching.

Both games are fairly popular titles released by Circus in Japan. What is interesting is that the launch will occur just as Anime Expo 2008 starts, and Circus will be conducting a panel at Anime Expo. We will provide you with the latest information as soon as we can.

A look into the registration information reveals that an entity by the name of “Manga International” located in the Netherlands is the owner of the domain for the website. The MangaGamer website describes itself as “the world first on line shopping site to download English localized Hentai games. You can buy games from many Hentai game manufacturers in Japan.” While this statement is technically true for releases from commercial game companies, it is not the case with doujin game releases, as DLSite English does offer a few officially translated doujin games for sale, contracting out to CuriousFactory, a company based in the US, for localization work.


Furthermore, after random url poking, it seems that part of their site is live, but not linked from the main page. The title picture is of Edelweiss, a game produced by OVERDRIVE. Overlaid on the title image are the words “English Translated Japanese Dating Sim Game are becoming available in Europe!” In their news updates, they say they will be present at Japan Expo 2008 (Paris), Anime Expo 2008 (Los Angeles) and Comic-Con 2008 (San Diego).

The following are the titles currently on the page:

  • (Avail Jul 27, 2008) The Queen and Princess as your rewards / 魔将の贄 (Liquid)
  • (Avail Aug 30, 2008) Da Capo / D.C. ~ダ・カーポ~ (CIRCUS)
  • (Avail Sep 30, 2008) Suika A.S+ / 水夏A.S+ (CIRCUS)
  • Edelweiss / エーデルワイス (OVERDRIVE)
  • My sex slave is a classmate / 僕の牝秘書は同級生 (Liquid)
  • Sandwiched by my wife and her sister / 姉妹丼~汁だくで~ (PSYCHO)
  • Shera, My Witch / さっきゅば☆SOON! (SCORE)
  • Suck my dick or die! / 凌辱ゲリラ狩り (Liquid)
  • Tasty Shafts / 美味しい棒が2本 (PSYCHO)
  • Which girl should I choose? / ひなたぼっこ (Tarte)

From their news updates, it looks like they signed a deal with OVERDRIVE, NEXTON and Circus. What’s odd is that Tarte’s parent company Deal went bankrupt as of early 2007 after Tarte released their last game, Katahane. Does this mean NEXTON has rights to Tarte’s catalog? Does this also mean a commercial release of ONE ~to the radiant season~ is possible in the foreseeable future?

Thanks to our gemot goons for the heads up.

One of our readers has courageously purchased and downloaded a game from MangaGamer and thus we now have screenshots from one of the games: HinataBokko. Strangely enough, the game is called “Which girl should I choose?” on the website, but is referred to as “HinataBokko” during installation and gameplay.

We also have screenshots from Edelweiss, now.

All previously available titles are now available on July 10, 2008, instead.


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  1. haderach Says:
    July 3rd, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Now I can die…. NO I HAVE TO PLAY DA CAPO FIRST!

    No seriously this is unbelievable news! Of course nothing is perfect. The biggest let down for me is the fact that it’s download only… WTF??!!??? 80$ for a game and you don’t get the disc or the box? Are you kidding me? Also they don’t seem very professional, just look at some of their titles, they really couldn’t find anything better? Even their site and how you just get a zip file, it just doesn’t seem pro.
    But this is still really amazing, if they are for real (too good to be true), I’ll probably just buy the must play ones like Da Capo (I’ve always dreamed of playing it).

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