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Clouds of Overture to Symphonic Rain

June 18th, 2008, by zalas
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The Symphonic Rain English Localization Project has announced a small teaser release of the localized version of KOGADO’s music+visual novel game. This is a standalone release, weighing in at over 500MB, which the group acknowledges is more problematic legally than the standard patch releases, but they hope this would entice more people to obtain the game legally.

Symphonic Rain is an all-ages game in the long line of music-based games from KOGADO and was originally published in 2004. There have been official Chinese and Korean versions released to date. The game play is half visual novel and half music game, with mechanics similar to Beatmania, but with scrolling notes on a musical staff instead of a vertical piano roll. The story takes place in Piova, a city of endless rain, and revolves around the main character, Chris, who is aspiring to be a Fortenist at the Piova Conservatory and has yet to find a partner for his graduation performance. The game takes on fairly heavy Italian fluences, as can be seen in some of the character names.

This translation is a project on the TLWiki. The current first-pass translation progress of the script is at around 25% and the teaser release contains sizeable chunk of the game, covering about a week’s time in the game’s time. They are currently looking for people to help in the translation effort as well as people who can edit images and hope that the teaser release will spark some interest.


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