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Fate/stay night Translation v2.0 Released

March 16th, 2008, by shinji
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mirror moon has released their translation for the PC editions of the second route of Fate/stay night, Unlimited Blade Works. Additionally, they have provided the option to extract voices from the disc for the PlayStation 2 version, Fate/stay night Realta Nua, as well as removed the Japanese locale requirement to run the game.

This release comes after a flood of drama concerning the long period since the last release in May of 2007. However, amongst concerns that the release of the final route, Heaven’s Feel, if not this patch itself would be canceled or delayed further, mirror moon has gone on to publish it.

This translation, as with other mirror moon translations, have bug report forum threads (details at mirror moon’s website). The following downloads are available:

See the official announcement for more details.


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