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Fate/hollow ataraxia prologue DS

March 16th, 2008, by shinji
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Multiple:Option delivers their third homebrew release for Nintendo DS, a port/remake of prologue of Fate/hollow ataraxia. This game is the sequel to the popular TYPE-MOON game Fate/stay night. It requires a flash cartridge to play on your DS, or it can be played in an emulator, though saving does not work. The translation used is Blue Gunner’s, originally posted on the mirror moon forums.

Previously, Multiple:Option released an abridged version of insani’s Fate/stay night demo.


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  1. Peter Shillito Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    You may find that saving does work, but the emulator needs to be configured properly. I recommend the emulator called “NO$GBA” which was originally a GBA emulator but now has support for DS games. There is an option in that to use a specific save type. If this is set to the correct save type Multiple:option has specified when developing the game, saving is likely to work. I haven’t personally tried this for Fate/hollow ataraxia yet, but it’s worked for various other games including some commercial games which I backed up myself to play on my PC when I lent my DS to my friend (who still hasn’t given it back -_- ).

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