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Lady Kotonoha demands a nice hacker.

March 12th, 2008, by zalas
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AstCd2 from Sekai Project, a group working on a translation of School Days, says that the translation effort is progressing smoothly, although the technical side is stalled, and thus they are requesting help.

The team would like to recruit a talented hacker who can hack the engine to modify the subtitle size and get rid of the line length limitations. Please contact Kanna at (admin at sekaiproject.net) or AstCd2 (astcd2 at gmail.com) if interested.

School Days is a fully animated visual novel style game and has also gotten a rather infamous animated adaptation. Sekai Project, named after one of the heroines in the story, started their work on the game about a year ago. As per their last official update in January of 2008, the translation is up to around episode 4. It seems that they plan to release the game patch in installments, so perhaps the technical limitations bogging them down are one of the major reasons why the first episode has not been released yet.


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