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The AX Notes: Day 2

June 30th, 2007, by zalas
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Question on Kanon 2006 Potential License
ADV Guy 1: Well, we’ll watch the sales of AIR TV and AIR Movie
ADV Guy 2: I think you should listen closely to the next couple con announcements.
ADV Guy 1: Shuttup, watch the sales on how well AIR TV does >.>;;

Right Stuf
Right Stuf has announced that the last DVD of ToHeart will have a limited edition version which will come with the box. It will be a 1,500 print run with each volume individually labeled with a serial number. Preorder from (most likely) rightstuf.com to get the box. According to Right Stuf, they estimate the boxes will be sold out either before the release (via preorders) or a couple weeks after its release.

When asked whether Right Stuf had an interest in licensing visual novels, they mentioned that they have currently not looked at that market.

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