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The AX Notes: Day 1

June 30th, 2007, by zalas
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Welcome to VisualNews’ coverage of Anime-Expo 2007 in Long Beach, California.

Our pieces for AX coverage will be split up into two different sections, memos and notes. Notes will be a very quick overview and rundown of the day’s headlines while memos will be the detailed articles for each day that come a bit later. As much as a memo would be nice right now, we are only human (and thus need sleep), so hopefully tomorrow shall see the memo for day one.

AX Notes: Day 1
Seven Seas picked up the Zero no Tsukaima light novels.
Bandai Visual grabbed Super Robot Wars OVA. TV series coming later.
Broccolli REALLY wants to bring Galaxy Angel 2 (Rune) and are looking into a way to do it. The president of Broccolli Japan made a “promise… maybe” to somehow find a way to get it over stateside.
JAST will have Pretty Soldier A.D. 2408 ready for Comikon, then after Comikon it will be available on their site.
JAST acquired the rights to Pulltop’s Princess Waltz.
JAST acquired the rights to the highly rated D.O. game, Kazoku Keikaku.

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